Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter + Update from Dee!

Happy Easter, everyone! 

I don't celebrate Easter, but I still have great egg hunting memories from when I was a kid. :O 

Enjoy your day, wherever you are! 

For me, it's my last day of Spring Break :c

So I'm trying to make the most of it by reading and sleeping and organizing myself for the week ahead :tup

Cheers!  :k

*Oh, and an update from Dee*

Thank you guys for sticking around even though I've been so MIA lately. Alex has been keeping the blog afloat and I can't tell you how grateful I am to her and you guys for hanging in there.  :L I just don't want to give up blogging, even though it means posting like....super rarely.  I know its kinda selfish, but I love you guys too much so :k

This summer I'll be posting from another country though so I'm brainstorming some fun ideas and ways to chronicle my three months in Bosnia doing fieldwork while getting grad school credits and traveling (cheaply) around Eastern Europe :P

If anyone is familiar with the area or any book bloggers live in Sarajevo or surrounding area please comment and reach out to me! I'm desperate for acqauntences :H


  1. WHATTT GURRLLL You're going where this summer? Ahh I'm so glad you're doing something outside this blog. I'm a real life couch potato outside of my blog haha xD. Yep I'm definitely going to be more available this April so they can look forward to some fun posts. I've been so bad with my blog as well though AHHH. I want to know about ur adventure in Bosnia!


  2. "three months in Bosnia" oh that's so cool! Can't wait to hear all about that :D

  3. Thanks so much for stopping in!! I was so excited to see your name pop up in comments. I totally get the MIA thing - I also went to grad school. I've also been cutting back a bit on the blogging as I pursue some other things I've wanted to do. How exciting about Bosnia - there definitely are some bloggers in that part of the world. Isn't that were Tanja is from? I think so....her GR says Banja Luka, which (seems?) close to Sarajevo. She knows a ton of people and could probably point you in the right direction...

    xoxoJen @ YA Romantics


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