Monday, September 24, 2018

Book Review: Crafts of a Kitchen Witch by Rachel Patterson

Kitchen Witchcraft: Crafts of a Kitchen Witch
by Rachel Patterson
Publisher: Moon Books (John Hunt Publishing)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Date of Publication: February 16, 2013

Pull up a chair, have a cup of tea, sit back and take a glimpse into the world of Kitchen Witchcraft. This little book will give you an insight into what a Kitchen Witch is, what they do and how they do it. It gives an overview of the Sabbats, working with the Moon, the elements and candle magic. Packed full of ideas for crafting such as washes and smudges for your home and your body, witch bottles, incense, medicine bags, magic powders and offerings. Take a stroll through a Kitchen Witch's garden and discover what you will find there and finish up with some lovely meditations. 

I cannot tell you how amazing this book is.

First of all, it's incredibly straight forward and easy to read. I actually read it the first time in one sitting - I was mesmerized.

Second of all, it's a great reference book for beginners.
Although I came into it with prior knowledge, it didn't feel 'dumbed down' or watered down in any way (for those of you who are more advanced in your knowledge of esoterica). It's precisely the right amount of information to get you started with whipping up your own magic in your kitchen.

I think this is an absolute fabulous way to empower yourself as a woman. You are taking your life into your own hands and creating. We are, after all, masters of our own fate.

By using many of the most common kitchen ingredients, Rachel empowers us to open the cupboards and start! Just, begin!

Many of the books on witchcraft involve complicated ingredients and supplies. The thing is, you don't always need that. It depends upon you, your personality, and your style. Now, if you're new to this, you probably don't have a style yet. This is exactly why you should read a book like this! You can become a kitchen witch, and honestly, it's so creative and freeing.

I hope she writes more books, because I would gobble them up (ha ha). It's incredibly easy to read and covers an enormous amount of subjects and ailments. There is certainly something for everyone.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Twelve Faces of the Goddess by Danielle Blackwood

The Twelve Faces of the Goddess: Transform Your Life with Astrology, Magick, and the Sacred Feminine by Danielle Blackwood

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Explore cross-cultural myths associated with each goddess, delve into astrology from a groundbreaking feminine perspective, and discover the personality, archetype, and correspondences of each zodiac sign to unlock a deeper understanding of yourself as the heroine of your story. Work with the specific guiding goddesses in your birth chart, learn how astrology is connected to the seasonal turning points on the Wheel of the Year, and much more. The Twelve Faces of the Goddess is a reminder that connecting with the sacred feminine is an empowering and radical act that can guide you on your journey.

What a truly magnificent book.

I am still in awe...I don't know what I was expecting, but I got more than what I was expecting.

I will definitely be keeping this book and referring back to it; my copious kindle notes/highlights/and bookmarks will serve me well although if you read both ebooks and physical books this is one you will want on your shelf.

This is a book written for women...feminine spirits who truly wish to know about the goddess myth in its entirety divided into 12 facets that mirror astrology. Each astrological sign has a complete profile. Everything you want to know. Things you didn't know you wanted (needed) to know! Crystals, essential oils, the patron goddess, the ruling planets, the history and a little fantasy written...completely a breath (lungs-full breath) of fresh air. I truly hope others read this book, it contains wisdom that we all need.

Thank you to the author for writing such a beautiful book and bestowing the sacred knowledge upon us. 

thank you to Llewellyn Publications for providing me an advanced electronic copy for review consideration

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Thursday, May 03, 2018

May is Lupus Awareness Month!

Were you expecting, perhaps, another meme? :P 
As a woman who suffers from SLE Lupus, May is very important to me. Lupus is one of the most mysterious diseases, and most people that learn I suffer from lupus immediately ask me, "what's lupus?" 
So this month, take the time to learn a bit about Lupus. Chances are, you know someone who has it. If you don't, well, you know Selena Gomez, right?! ;) 

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lupus

Source: The Lupus Foundation of America
Lupus is a mysterious and complicated illness that is difficult to diagnose and challenging to treat. Despite its widespread prevalence, about two thirds of the public have little or no knowledge of its effects. This Lupus Awareness Month, you can help spread knowledge and bring us closer to a future free from lupus. 

1.             Lupus is an unpredictable autoimmune disease that can affect the heart, lungs, skin or kidneys.
2.             A lupus patient’s average medical and loss of productivity costs are roughly $20,000 per year, and can increase to $63,000 per year if he or she has kidney complications.  
3.             No special diet has been found to cure lupus or cause it to go into remission. 
4.             In certain cases, people with lupus are treated with cyclophosphamide, a chemotherapy drug commonly used to treat cancer that suppresses the immune system.   
5.             The steroids used to treat people with lupus are the same ones that body builders and some professional athletes have been known to use.
6.             While lupus affects people of all races and ethnicities, African Americans — as well as Hispanics/Latinos, Asians, Pacific Islanders and Native Americans — are diagnosed with lupus 2-3 times more often than Caucasians.
7.             Lupus is not contagious. It cannot be “caught” or “passed on” to anyone, no matter what symptoms are showing.
8.             Sensitivity to UV light (present in both sunlight and artificial light) affects as many as two thirds of individuals with lupus. This is known to cause fever, debilitating fatigue, joint pain, and rashes.  
9.             Lupus is not a form of arthritis, but many people with lupus do suffer from joint and/or muscle pain.
10.          It is estimated that more than 5 million people throughout the world have a form of lupus.

Visit [Lupus Awareness Month] to learn more about how you can take action this Lupus Awareness Month.