Sunday, February 07, 2016

Reading What I Want vs. What's Popular

This post has been in draft status since early December. I can't find any way to come clean. Some would think I'm reading less YA and others think I'm reading too much. Am I steering away from YA? Am I discovering new genres that I never read in the past? Am I reading from lesser known authors? All of the above are true. 

Over the past few weeks I've been looking through my bookshelves. I'm getting new ones soon so might as well look through the sea of chaos right now! Throughout my searching, I saw so many YA titles that I'm never going to read or am not interested in reading but I bought them anyway! At the time, they were popular and I didn't care for reading the synopsis. I just thought, hey, other people liked them so why not me? Now what am I supposed to do with these 20 books that I have no interest in picking up but spent a lot of money on? (hint hint giveaway in the near future). 

This isn't to say that I'm leaving the YA genre. Are you kidding? I'm only 15! That would be totally bonkers for me to say, "Hey guys I'm only 15 but I'm already steering away from the YA genre and getting into more New Adult romances!" I love YA, don't get me wrong. YA will always be a part of me that never fades. I just feel that nowadays some books are very cliche and receptive. Before I pick up a YA book, I usually ask myself have I read something like this before? Some really cliche and repetitive themes I've been seeing are superpowers, witches, dystopian societies, robots or some kind of alien taking over and apocalypses. I guess you could say I'm going to be a little more picky on the YA books I read.

 But you're still going to get your daily dose of YA, don't worry! 

I'm writing this post today to give others the confidence I didn't really have in the beginning of blogging. Don't buy a book (same goes for requesting ARCs) that doesn't immediately catch your eye. When people are out there requesting the most popular ARCs in the book world, I'm sitting here on the side going through Sci-Fi and Mystery releases. I do extensive research in the books that I request from publishers. Take Arena by Holly Jennings for example. It's not an insanely popular book that everyone's talking about but after doing some research, I realized that it's very similar to a book I've read before and really enjoyed. It also highlights some concepts that I think are intriguing and would love to know more about. 

So what is The Book's Buzz? It is now a book blog in general that specializes in, probably not the most popular books, but definitely some unique ones that are worth the read, whether it be NA, MG, or YA. Don't hate me for this guys! I just want to read and talk about books that really intrigue me. I hope you all understand and start to notice the change in the books I review or talk about! 

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