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A Little About ARCs

For those who don't know, I'm Alex from The Book's Buzz! I just wanted to clear that up because I know a lot of people probably don't know that I co-blog here. I'm about to go into a pretty sore topic in the blogging world so I would like for everyone reading to know who I am. Also note that I'm not bragging because, no, I don't get the most popular ARCs on the market but I get enough of the ones I want and request that I'm completely satisfied. I also recently did a post on the illegal selling of ARCS on my blog here. This post is different where I'll just be going into what ARCs are and how to get them. 

What are ARCs?

ARCs, commonly known as advanced reader copies, are given to bloggers, authors or other social media outlets by publishers in hope that the book gets some early praise and coverage. The purpose of their distribution is to make people excited for the upcoming release by allowing the book reviewers to lay down their thoughts. Plus preorders are a good thing and the more preorders, the greater chance there is going to be some type of preorder promotion. They can come in any shape or size. They can also be either e-ARCs or print copies.

Receiving an ARC is like getting the one thing you've always wanted for Christmas. That's what it feels like! ARCs are a privilege and the publisher is, by no means, under any obligation to give it to you. I would think that publishing companies have a system of choosing who gets one and who doesn't but I'll talk about that later. ARCS are extremely limited and because you've received one, you should feel some sort of pride and accomplishment. Also revel in the fact that you're reading a book before most people get to read it!

How do I get one?

Well, that's the big question isn't it? How do bloggers get ARCs? If you're blogging in hopes of receiving ARCs for free, you really don't know what you're in for. Thinking that you're going to get free books from authors and publishers if you start blogging is also a stupid way to think of it because it won't get you there! So how do bloggers get ARCs?
  • Blogging for a certain amount of time. Publishing companies and authors want to see devotion. They want to see that you're sticking in for the long run because you love doing it, even though nobody may be reading what you write. I would say 6 months is a good time to start asking for some ARCs. 
  • Show genuine interest. When you go to write an email requesting a book, the publishers almost always want to know why you want that book. Is it because the author is an auto-buy author for you? Is it because the synopsis really intrigues you to the point where you're just pining for it from the sidelines? Or is it because the book has a lot of diversity and you're looking for more diverse books to share with your followers?
  • Followers. I'm not saying it's all about the followers but authors and publishers want to see that people are responding to what you post about. It's common sense that if you have a more popular blog, you'll be able to request most of the popular books. The easiest way to get more followers is to start interacting on other social medias. Instagram, one of my favorite platforms, is a well-know way to get more followers directed to your blog. 
  • Interaction on Twitter, Instagram and any other social media outlets. 
  • Request directly from publishers. 
  • Connections. If you're a reader with a special family or friend connection to a publisher, well damn lucky you :P 

Do's and Dont's

  • DO. You need some way to structure your review requests. Here is how I structure my emails and it's worked out pretty great so far! 
Hello Name of Publishing Company
I'm Name, a YA book reviewer at my blog Name of Blog! I'm emailing in regard to a book that hasn't been released yet but one I'd be interested in reviewing early on my blog and other social media outlets. I'm interested in reviewing this book because Reason for wanting to review the book early. Along with posting reviews on my blog, I also post on Goodreads and on all retailer sites where the book is going to be sold. I really hope you consider my request :D 

Blog Link: 
Bloglovin Followers: 
GFC Followers: 
Unique Visitors:
Youtube Channel Link:
Youtube Subscribers: 
Instagram Followers: 
Twitter Followers: 

Book I'd Like to Review:
Name of Book and Author
Date the book is going to be published
Book Imprint
ISBN # (Optional)

Shipping Address: 
Put your address in the email to make things easier!

Thank you so much for reading! I really hope I'm considered :D 
  • DON'T. DO NOT REQUEST FROM THE AUTHORS DIRECTLY. I swear to you that your email will just be put in the author's spam box. Authors are busy people and they don't even control who get ARCs and who don't. Please don't bother them. Contact the publisher of the book you're requesting directly, never the author.
  • DO. Speak politely when emailing to a publisher. Never get mad at them if they can't supply you with an ARC or never reply. That's horrible! If you never get a reply, just accept it! 
  • DON'T. Don't request books that you're not interested in. Please don't do this. If you request a book that you have no interest in but it's insanely popular and you end up not liking it, you're going to be in for hell. You're going to depend on the only viable option, which is to lie and say you enjoyed the book because you feel bad that they gave it to you as an ARC. Take my advice and don't do it! 

What else do you want to know about ARCs? Comment below with questions and I'll do my best to answer them!

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