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Oreo Cookie Flavor Book Tag

An OREO book tag? Bet you haven't seen nothing like this before. I was inspired to create a book tag out of the most addicting cookies in the universe that come in so many different flavors. If you're mouth is watering just stay tuned! You'll be starving by the end of this post. I'm going to be posting a video version of this tag so be sure to watch it on my channel here


Birthday Cake

Pick a book that surprised you!

Colleen Hoover's book really surprised me. This was my first CoHo book and I didn't expect it to be as good as it was. I thought it was going to be super insta love-y and full of awkward scenes between the girl and the guy. I don't feel very connected to most contemporary author's writing style but I feel in love with Colleen's. If you're not into contemporary but you're willing to give something a try, then you should start with a CoHo book. 


Pick a book that's as scary as this Oreo cookie flavor! 

Caramel Apple 

Pick a character that's a sour apple. 
Don't read on if you don't like spoilers.
Adam is such an asshole in this series LOL. He wasn't so bad in the first two books, in fact, he was my OTP along with Juliette. I loved him and I rooted for him instead of Warner. Why did Tahereh Mafi have to make me hate him so much? He's so sour in the third book it's actually so silly. He acts like a five-year-old, and he just really pissed me off. 

Reese Peanut Butter Cup

Pick a book that's so good you don't want to share with anyone else. 

Not too many people are aware of this series but it's one of my all-time favorites. Well I'm pretty biased because Gena Showalter is my favorite author, and I pretty much love all of her books. This one especially was my favorite. I think it's because of the loyalty of this relationship and character romance. It was such a good dynamic because he was a human and she was a vampire (nothing like Twilight, trust me). This book is such a gem, and I'm glad many people haven't read it so I can keep it all to myself hehe. BUT SERIOUSLY READ IT GUYS. 

Heads or Tails

Pick a book that has been turned into a movie. Did you like the book or movie better?

I'm stuck between the book and movie. I really want to say the movie was better because I could really imagine the book coming to life through the cast of characters but the book was also pretty exquisite. It's one of the John Green books I actually liked. In this instance I'll say the movie was better than the book. 

Cotton Candy

Pick a book with pink on the cover. 

Because you can't go wrong with pink on the cover of any book. 

Fruit Punch

Pick a book that punched you in the gut. A book that was extremely heart-wrenching.

Anyone who has read this book will tell you that it's emotionally painful to read. The relationship between Jude and Noah, twins that find themselves in a bit of a scramble, have to fix their bond after an event that sets them apart. There is a real connection between the characters and the readers, something that is priceless in YA. 


Pick a character with thick skin (Not literally thick skin. I mean a character who shows true superiority among others either with bravery, loyalty or selflessness). 

The Bone Season is a fantastic fantasy book filled with so many amazing characters to choose from! Liss Rymore who is a long time resident of Sheol I has been trapped in The Rookery with only her aerial skills to depend on in order to survive through the harsh Rephaims. She goes through so much crap in this book but pushes through it all in order to survive. She's such a trooper! 

Hope you enjoyed it!

Link me to your recreations of this tag if you so choose to do it! 

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  1. This looks like an interesting tag and I have never seen anything like it before :) I loved TFIOS and I can't choose whether I like the movie or the book best but they are both perfect in their own way! The Bone Season, I'll Give You The Sun, Rebel Belle, Shatter Me and Confess are all on my TBR list waiting to be read :) Great Post!

    1. You can say that again! The Bone Season is definitely a book that I suggest over all the ones in this post. It has that ancient London vibe with fantasy and whimsical elements of people with otherworldly powers. Highly recommended!

  2. I enjoyed looking at the Oreos more than the books. That just shows how hungry I am right now.

    1. Yes same here! Can you believe how many flavors of Oreos there are? Thankfully my Walmart has some of the best limited edition flavors.


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