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November is here! Small Recap + November Hopes

November  ~ Fall Is My Favorite Time of Year ~

I haven’t done a recap in awhile so I just wanted to share some of the books I have gotten lately and a little bit about what I’m expecting this November! ^_^ 



Gifted (bc i have the best friend ever :L)


*Thank you HarperTeen, RandomHouse Publishers!*

Since Fall is my favorite time of year I am excited about the month and the weather that it brings. Granted, I am residing in So Cal and Los Angeles isn't necessarily known for its climate change and seasonal variety. Like today, although its very early in the month, it's as much "sweater weather" as it will be and I am loving every minute of it :L

Long sleeve t-shirts, the occasional sweater for night time and that will hopefully move into keeping a jacket or weater in the car at all time "in case it gets cold" and by cold, of course, I mean 60 F for us babies out West. Growing up in MidWest I know that this is "warm" not "cold" but then, that's probably why I love it so much! It's like the most perfect temperature. Not too hot that you're sweating, but not cold that you have to bundle up and shiver and get blue in the process ;)

Other things November will bring

-Midterms (already started…)

-Thanksgiving! Yay time off of school and some quality family time which I have had a complete absence of this quarter! :h

-New books, will there be a theme? I can't decide if I want to go with a theme this November, for some reason it does feel sort of tempting! But that may prove difficult since there are so many review books I've agreed to and I read so so so much for school (think: 32 hours of reading A WEEK, just for school work!!!) No exaggeration on that number, guys. I have the professor outright admitting this fact!!! I HAVE WITNESSES!! Ah, that is grad school and that is also why you have seen less o me on the blog.

I may actually write a post about my experience -- perhaps during break when I have time 00 or maybe I will be consumed by homework or instead taking the opportunity to read read read :D But I think either way, you guys will forgive me :O

A Note Of Gratitude: 

Thanks for continuing to follow and support the blog even though I have been posting less frequently! So grateful to Alex for helping me out this quarter and being a source of strength and regularity here on the blog :k

Graduate school has been pretty tough on me. It’s no joke, and things move so fast in the quarter system that you really don’t have the same ability to kind of “ catch up” like you do in the semester system.

The first day of school I got diagnosed with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome in both hands and now am going to physical therapy every week for that. I can’t really type much (writing is a bit better) and am supposed to wear these casts on my hands every night and as much as possible during the day. Not to mention that this week the filling on my tooth chipped so I have a chipped tooth in the back while midterms are starting and things are very cray. I am barely staying afloat here but just trying to make it one day at a time and stay positive. I just want to succeed so bad and that can be a lot of pressure. :O

I’m staying postiie though because I really do love my classes and what I am learning! :rainbow It’s been a thrill and there are many exciting opportunities :8 I hope to engage in the coming months! Stay Tuned

What are your hopes for November? Have you read any of the books in my haul from October / November? 

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  1. Fall is my favorite time of year as well. I'm so excited for the weather to start cooling down. We've been in the 70's, which is odd for us, for most of last week.

    1. Really? How funny that it has been cooler here and warmer by yoU! I guess it’s a bit different for all of us :h
      And YAY for a fellow Fall lover!! ^_^ Esp in California everyone is always like FALL? THAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SEASON??? Why??? 0_o loll
      Thanks for stopping by!


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