Sunday, November 08, 2015

Book Genres I Just Can't Stand Reading

Sometimes we must look deep inside ourselves and conjure up those horrible, terrible, angry feelings. There are many genres that I just can't stand to read. I get really bored and annoyed at some books for wasting my time when I could have been reading something more interesting. I'm sure a lot of you feel the same way so let's just get into the list --> 

1. Memoirs

I know some readers who love memoirs. I guess I'm just the odd one out then. I don't ever buy memoirs because I know I don't read them. Though the ones that I have picked up, I've always DNFed them or told myself I would take a break and then go back to them. I don't think the books are the problem, I think it's just me. I prefer worlds and stories that are made up and that have fantastical elements. Nonfiction doesn't bode well with me. 

2. Biographies & Autobiographies

4. Contemporary books about disabilities 

I have nothing against disabilities or people with disabilities. Do not take this opportunity to shame me into screaming and yelling at me for discriminating. These books are all beautiful, but I just can't read books about people with disabilities. I think the reason is because I don't like pity and sometimes, in some cases, these types of books are known for generating pity and sympathy from the readers. And most of the time, these disabilities are just really confusing and explained in a way that doesn't make me understand the character any better. 

5. Books about witches

I don't know if it's just these three books that have marred my opinion and outlook on witch books forever, but I can't stand reading books about witches. There are some exceptions, however, like Triple Moon by Melissa de la Cruz and a few others that have slipped my mind. But for the most part, I'm appalled by my pure hatred for this genre. Why, you ask? They are so cliche and occasionally make their witches seem like the most stereotypical things ever. They ride brooms, they have white hair, they wear black (emo much?), and they have wands! Why can't there be more of a creative take on the supernatural creatures we know as witches.  

What book genres do you dislike the most? 

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  1. I thought the Harry Potter series did a nice job of balancing the whole "witch" concept with good writing. Beautiful Creatures certainly did not (and ick).
    I can't stand reading New Adult, personally. I've only given a few of them a try, but they all read like bad fanfic. I don't think any genre is 100% bad, but some do seem to contain more dirt than diamonds. :/

    1. I'm glad I"m not the only one that didn't like Beautiful Creatures :P

      I totally agree. thanks for reading!

  2. I don't like to read Christian books, or any book that always talks about religion. I don't mind if a book contains religion. What I don't like is when everything in the book is about finding God, and being saved.

    I don't blame you for not liking to read books about people with disabilities. A character without any disabilities has enough problems already. One with disabilities has one extra problem to overcome and some authors don't do a good enough job addressing it.

    1. Oh damn I totally forgot about that one, the religion types of book! Like you said, not that they're bad but they always revolve around the same kind of lesson and moral.

      Thanks so much for reading :D


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