Sunday, November 15, 2015

Black Friday Fears

C'mon fellow book lovers, I know you're secretly counting the pennies under your bed in preparation for Black Friday. I know I am! And there is no shame in that, as long as you know what you're doing and you're doing it with precision. Black Friday is a crazy day, not only for us book lovers, but for the thousands who camp out in front of stores waiting for the best deals. I thought I'd give you guys something non-book related and relative to the time of year. Here are some of my fears...

1. Everything is sold out

When someone says the word 'sold out', the claws come out. No one likes to hear that something they want to buy is sold out. SOLD OUT! Sold out basically means no more here, we'll be back in like two months when we've restocked. My biggest fear is that I find something I really really like and then all of a sudden it gets sold out within the next hour.

2. The early mornings or late nights

If you're a dedicated Black Friday shopper, you're going to have deal with the all-nighters. Don't worry, you won't be the only groggy-faced, baggy-eyed person in that area. There will be other sleep walking zombies around you that only have one goal, which is to get what they've been waiting all morning and night for. They'll even kill you for it! >_<


And you thought you were the only crazy person that would stand and wait in a line for a store to open? YOU BETTER THINK AGAIN! If you're new to the whole Black Friday experience, just now that there will be lines, waiting, suffering, dehydration, the pushing, the pulling, and worst of all, the hair-grabbing. 


When Black Friday ends, you'll see Youtube and Vine blow up with the videos of people screaming at each other and fighting over some of the items. Although they are meant to be funny and entertaining, they are also very horrific because it shows how people become such animals just because of cheaply priced items. 

5. If you're a department store worker, fear for your life

If you work in a widely popular department store that is usually packed during Black Friday, bring a helmet and maybe some shoulder and body pads. People are vicious and on that day, they don't care if you're the worker or the manager, they just want their goddamn money's worth. 

Whether you're a shopper or working behind the scenes, you've got a hefty weight on your shoulders. By no means was this post made out to intimidate or mock anyone. I just though it'd be a fun and relaxing post to read before you head out on that night! 

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