Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Anyone notice anything different with the header? We're bringing Dee's Reads into a new season-- fall. And in spirit of this chilly weather and the return of warm mittens and scarves, is a brand new design to hype up the holiday of Halloween. But let's get back to the point! It's Blogtober and just like we trick or treat in real life, there should be a trick or treat system on the blogosphere. 

Are you dressing up this year in a costume? If not, why miss out on all the fun when you could dress up your blog! Take your header and head on to where they've got all new overlays and fonts for the Halloween holiday! 

Ever heard of dressing up your blog? 

From this....

To this...

We're making this site even more festive! Join along in the fun and link us your Blogtober designs. Be creative and have fun with it because if you show your enthusiasm, your readers will too! Don't forget to send other blogs a trick or treat. Tell a nice joke or give them a compliment. We'll do whatever is possible to make this the best Blogtober ever! 

Send us links to your designs!!

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