Sunday, September 06, 2015


One of the Barnes & Noble locations that I usually buy books from is closing. This is the second store to close near me. The next closest store is an hour away. This post is mostly going to be a rant and a huge therapy post for me. I need to get my thoughts and rant down somewhere, might as well share this personal experience with you all. 

What's currently happening...

Many Barnes & Noble everywhere are shutting down. There are a ton that are not in my area like in upstate New York that have shut down, and I can't help but think that one day there won't be any more Barnes & Noble left to shop at. This is the second one that has closed in my area and now if I want to shop for (overpriced) books, I'll have to go online or drive an hour away to the closest Barnes & Noble. In my opinion, it's terrifying. You guys might think oh it's just a bookstore and there are tons of online stores that will never close. You don't know that for sure and the fact that the biggest store is closing... it just scares me to death. 

What will the future hold?

What does the future hold for all Barnes & Noble of the world? I know that it's my favorite place to shop, and many of you can agree with me. I also know that I get this feeling of elation when I step into that bookstore and all my worries just disappear because for 30 minutes I can walk around quietly reading the blurbs of books and picking which ones I'll be taking home. It aggravates me to feel that one day bookstores aren't going to be relevant enough. People are going to stop buying, booksellers are going to stop selling, authors are going to stop writing, and publishers are going to stop publishing. 

What can we do?

As bloggers and booklovers, it is our duty to share our love with others and let themselves be emerged into the obsessive book-buying and the fangirling. We can't let our bookstores shut down! Hey today it could be Barnes & Noble but tomorrow it could be Waterstones or any other bookstore in the world. 

Sharing this post and sharing the love of books by telling you friends to check out your blog is going to make a huge difference in saving the bookstores everywhere. I'm saddened to say that the Barnes & Noble near me is scheduled to be closed soon. Someone started a Facebook page that has led to this huge protest and book-buying spree. I'm going to that same bookstore on Saturday and am going to support them with every last dollar I have in my pocket. I know it's going to be a lot of fangirling and tears but it'll be worth it in the end to see my favorite bookstore still standing. 


Thank you guys so much! 

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  1. I feel your pain. I live in New York City and even though we have tons of bookstores, bookstores are struggling to survive. It's really hard when a bookstore closes. I still miss Borders...

    Grace @ Books of Love

    1. You're like the only person in NY who still remembers Borders. They had great prices and nice sales. I still can't believe they closed down when they were as good as Barnes & Noble!

  2. I miss Borders too! We had it in California and I was so sad.. and now Barnes and Noble well the one by me closed maybe two years ago and now I have one that is about twenty mins from me but I just moved and haven’t been there yet.
    I’m proud to say I just renewed my membership and have gotten another friend to sign up this month too. Even though I have an Amazon Prime membership and get free shipping on books I still buy some books from barnes because they give me the coupons and sometimes it’s cheaper actually! It doesn’t happen often but when it does or when they are the same price as Amazon I buy from them just to support it and also because in store I get like the discount and the crazy discount off of new releases means like 40% off cover price with everything I use like membership coupon etc. :O I really hope that Barnes and Noble stays open I know what u mean the peace of the bookstores is just not like any other!


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