Monday, August 10, 2015

Monthly Wrap-Up! July

Hope everyone had a fantastic month! Was it just us or did July pass by the slowest so far this year? We've been doing so much work and renovation on the blog, and we appreciate all of you that have stayed with this site for so long! You guys rock. :L

Diamond's Wrap Upthis is going to be a very short wrap up for me since I am in the midst of moving!I literally don’t know how it’s gong to happen because I haven’t really started putting much in boxes and I have three days :i *laughs nervously* It’ll work out though…somehow. right? ;) THANK YOU for being patient with me. Don’t worry all the winners of the giveaways have ben picked and the information is given to the pubisher(s) except for the design giveaway I will be emailing the winner this weekend and mailing out the prize the following week due to.. moving. lol. I have about a month left of summer before I start my new position as official graduate student in Library and Information student at UCLA *woooohoo* *another nervous laugh* Oh. who’s nervous? Ok, well I am a little bit. It’ a lot..the move 30 mins away to a new city to a new studio which i have no idea what it looks like (they jut assign you a room randomly and no questions are answered to those who call and try t find out tidbits of information ;)  So I’ll be busy unpacking, shopping, working (gotta try t9o make up the money that I seem to be hemorrhaging!) Although July was a crazy busy month for me I did have some big amazing fun while I hemorrhaged money from all areas lol. I just attended my cousin’s wedding two nights ago. It was a magical and beautiful ceremony. Ve4y lovely and guess what?! I caught the bouquet!! :star Will I be the next to marry? Gosh, I hope so. I am totally single though, so I don’t know when/how it will happen but *fingers crossed* that the new location and new apartment will be fortuitous for me. ^_^ As for books,  I did pick up a lot of good ones, not so many review books though! A few of us were having a twitter chat a week ago about July and August being slow for getting review books. well, thats is okay with me! I have so much on my plate anyway and it’s been great to catch up. I promise next week I will be back on the blog full force with some reviews! Prepare for my review of The Luck Uglies #2 , The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen #2, The Lumberjanes (reading now and loving it! Should be finishing this week) :O And more you’ll have to wait and see. 
Some books I got this month (may be forgetting a few—I’ve been a scatterbrain this month though, I blame it on the increased demands on my brain and organization - how much can one brain take?!) 

(some) stuff I got this month :e


Traded / Won / Bought


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  1. Good luck with the move Dee and the brand new start! It all sounds really exciting :D and yes of course scary too but your course sounds fantastic and I bet you'll love it. I would be going crazy to see what that studio looked like though as I need to know what my living space is going to be! Hope it all worked out ok though and that you love your new home!


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