Sunday, August 09, 2015

I Think I Sense A Hater... dun dun dun

Before you read, you have to know that this is going to be an emotional post that will make some of you, who don't like these kinds of things, feel uneasy. 

I avoided writing this post for a long time because it's quite personal. By no means is this a rant towards the people that have raised and taught me to be appreciative of what I have because, the fact of the matter is, I am. I am so grateful that I wake up in my bed and can take out my computer and start a post that I know will be seen by other bloggers and friends. I also have a shelf of books that I haven't even started to read from and it's more than I could ask for. 

But some people just don't understand...

The same thing goes for non-booklovers. You could be shopping at Barnes & Noble with a cart of 20 books and the person next to you could be eyeing you with a dirty look on their face trying to wonder why you need all those books. I hate it when people that don't understand my love/our love for books, and who aren't apart of the book loving community, think that they have the right to judge and scowl or even point out that you shouldn't be hoarding books and/or buying so many when you already have a ton of books you haven't read yet. You think we can help this unbearable need for books (more like the need to read)? This is something that comes naturally to any booklover/blogging/booktuber, you just have this craving, this urge to buy books! And that's because it's our passion; our love!

So they act like they know us...

A conversation between a booklover and a person who doesn't understand why the booklover likes books so much, aka the hater. 

Hater: Look, I understand that you love to read. I totally get you, but why do you have to buy a new book every week? 

Booklover: No you don't truly understand why I love to read because if you did, you wouldn't be questioning why I do the things I do. 

Hater: I just think it's absurd and a waste of money. And plus, you've got no room on your shelves for it. 

The pretend to be familiar with what situation we're in and they say the stupidest things ever while doing so. Sucks, doesn't it? To have that conversation with someone and go back and forth when the answer is so obvious to you but not to them? Books are like a token. To some people they are a measurement and testament to how much you've read. You can hold up a book from your shelf and think to yourself, hey I finished and read all 465 pages of this book

This just annoys me! How I have to deal with the people that I love doubting what I like to do and thinking I'm stupid enough to waste money on books. I promised myself I wouldn't cuss or say bad things about them but it's coming to a point where I just need to lay my hand down on the table and say STOP!  

My parents and friends haven't been the biggest supporters of my obsession over the course of how long I've been doing blogging and booktubing. I don't blame them since all of this was kind of surprising and abrupt. I am a shy person and it's weird to them to see me getting out there. I just feel like I'm questioned a lot about the real reason I do all this and when I tell them it's just my simple love for reading, they don't believe me. It's hard, you know. I know this life is a little expensive but passion doesn't come without consequence half the time, and I just thought I would be encouraged not brought down by the friends and family I love. I want to take this time to write a letter to everyone who is now doubting my current situation. 

Dear Haters, 

You don't know, so don't attempt to. If you don't want to support me, or at least have the decency to respect what I do and not make a joke out of it, then I shouldn't have to do the same to you. I've played along with what you've wanted for a long time now. I've tried everything to stop myself from not reading or not buying. Can't you just face the fact that it doesn't work and I can't do it? No you can't because you still think I'm crazy. Goodbye to you. 

And there it is. This is probably the most emotional piece I've written since I started blogging, but I had to do it and get it off my chest. Thanks if you guys actually read that. I love you for that reason that we're a family all on our own. Blogging fam forever!

What are your reactions? How do you feel after reading this?

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