Sunday, August 30, 2015

Back To School Reading

Every once in a while, the inevitable comes around and kids around the world are forced to hustle and bustle back to school. For readers, school just brings a whole new problem to the situation. School=less time for reading=unhappy reader. You catching my wind? Although some of us desperately want to read after school, we're too caught up on homework, studying, and extracurriculars that will benefit our futures. So here's to the back to school season (not), and to all these BTS tips I'm about to share with you. 

1. Don't Start Series

Starting a brand new book series is probably the worst thing you could do when you're just getting back into school. Starting a new series means committing yourself to the angst, joy, and anger that a series brings and you don't have time for that with your endless amount of assignments and already preparing for midterms. Let's say at the beginning of the year you read the first book in a series and then you have a huge test so you drop the second book to study. You'll probably not have time in the next few weeks to continue on with the series and all readers know that when there is a huge gap of time when you read books in a series, that can lead to nothing but trouble. This happened during my back to school season with one of the trilogies I was supposed to finish, the Mara Dyer trilogy. 

2. Read Some Classics or Historical Fiction

When you read something that enlightens what you're learning at school, you will probably do better in that subject. Like perhaps reading a historical fiction book on a subject you're doing in social studies or global will teach you more about the subject in a fun and exciting manner. Maybe it's the case that you like to read books but not history textbooks. Well, at least that's the case for me. 

3. Do not read a book with a major cliffhanger

The thing with cliffhangers and things coming unexpectedly is that it can leave you in a series book hangover. Book hangovers are never good because you lose the ability to read some more and to think normally. You're mind is too caught up on the thought of what you just read and you can't function until you're burning desire to find out what happens next is sated. So avoid the cliffhangers and the book hangovers in general. 

4.  Cut down on the book buying

You better save up those dollar bills. Of course you can go buy tons and tons of books, no one is stopping you, but let's think straight about this a little. If you have school trips, need more supplies, or want to buy your friends a nice birthday/Christmas present, you can't be buying books all day and all night. Save up the cash and go splurge during the summer when all you can do is read read read! 

5. Be the person that recommends books to others

Be a fellow Spiderman and help out! You're only ever going to go so far with your love of reading if you don't actually do something with your passion. Go to the library and ask if you can help recommend books to kids in need of something good to read. That always works. Tell your teacher that you have a blog and it'd be way awesome if all the kids in class could check it out. Who knows? The person sitting next to you could be a major booklover and there might be other bloggers that you don't know about in the school. 

6. Suck up to the English teacher

This ones a classic! You want to show your english teacher just how well-rounded you are in the book world and how good you are at analyzing the things you read. Don't be shy and just tell your teacher that you're a book blogger. It doesn't get better than that! And besides, your teacher may be a grade-A booklover and will come to you if they need something fresh and new to read. Don't be shy! 

Those are my pro tips to surviving back to school if you're a reader or a booklover. I'd love to know what you guys think of the post! 


  1. Love these tips -- I'm such a huge nerd and love back to school time!
    Jen @ YA Romantics

  2. Love these tips! I find it SO weird that you guys start school back in September. It just crazy that you would start a new "year" of school over halfway through a year! I'll never understand.... but great tips Alex! I definitely think cutting back on the new series helps. Bookhangers are the WORST in school. :)

    1. I know all the college students start a little bit earlier. My year starts late this time idk why. Thanks Rachel!! :D


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