Sunday, August 30, 2015

In Love With My Fictional Boyfriend

This same mentality is why readers love to read. I've never done a post on book boyfriends but this time I'm going to tell you guys about my top fictional boyfriends. For swooning purposes only! 

1. Will Herondale

Never in my reading career, have I encountered a male character more swoon-worthy, snarky, and as kickass as Will Herondale. If you haven't heard of Will Herondale then it means you haven't read the Infernal Devices trilogy, and if you haven't read the Infernal Devices trilogy yet; I don't know what you're going with your life. Okay Will Herondale sends chills up my spine. I wish he were real honestly they should make this trilogy into a movie so I can see who is cast as Will and fall in love with him. Cassandra Clare just knows how to create sexy men.

2. Chaol Westfall

When you read this series, it's likely you'll get tangled up in the love triangle Sarah J. Maas has got going on between Chaol Westfall and Dorian Havilliard. I personally prefer Chaol because he's so brooding and he's got that bad boy sense since he is Caption of the Guard. I don't like the princes who are kind of wimps and like to stay on their thrones. Dorian just wasn't working for me. The chemistry and spark between Celaena is real and I feel their romance could go further than wherever Dorian would take her. Chaol is my bae and even though Will Herondale ranks higher, Chaol knows he lives in the true depths of my heart. 

3. Prince Kaito

I recently read the Lunar Chronicles series, and I automatically fell in love with Prince Kaito. I know some of you guys like Thorne, or Wolf, or maybe even Jacin. Prince Kai from the beginning shows an interest in Cinder and he's so sweet to her but he also wants to change a lot of things that are bad in the world and make then good. He's a natural-born leader and among other things, SUPPERRRR cute. But, once again, it's not all about appearance. 

Sorry for the short post this week, friends. I'm on vacation and the internet is spotty so this is the least I could scrounge up. I'll definitely do a post about independent bookshops because there is a lot where I'm going. Toodles and have a nice weekend!

Who are your top three fictional boyfriends? 


  1. Great Post :) I need to read all the books you have mentioned because I'm always late on the bandwagon :( Some of my book boyfriends are Augustus from TFIOS, Ren from Nightshade and Maxon from the Selection. I hope you have a lovely day/evening

    1. Well I haven't read the Selection but I didn't quite like Augustus D:

  2. Will Herondale all the way! I don't think it is even possible for anyone to dislike Will. The thought is just inconceivable. He's just... *swoons*

  3. Yes, YES and yes! To be honest though, I was team Jem, but that doesn't mean I don't want Will for myself ;)

    I have this friend who keeps going on about Rowan (from Heir of Fire) and how Chaol sucks, and I think she is ABSOLUTELY WRONG because Rowan is like a kajillion years old and I can't deal with anyone but Chaol - seriously.

    And Kai is just a dream.

    I approve of all your choices x

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Oh yes I forgot to mention that Rowan is like an old man and just the sight of it... ew. Chaol and Kaito forever <3


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