Monday, August 24, 2015

7 Types of People You'll Meet In the Bookworld

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There are so many types of readers in the world. I want to take a post to discuss all the different kinds. If you see one description that represents you, don't forget to tell me in the comment below so I'll be able to relate to you and if I'm missing any, don't be afraid to tell me either. 

1. Fandom Princess
The Fandom Princess is the type of reader that get's so attatched to the books they read that they create fandoms for all the series they read. They buy matching pillows, merchandise, duvet covers, mugs, and everything based on the fandoms they are in. This lifestyle is expensive but they don't care because it means getting closer to their fandom, then it's worth it. 

2. The Classic Reader
The Classic Reader describes a person that only likes to read classic books. I can't handle classic books so I don't know how the Classic Reader thinks but if you're a classic reader, I'd love to know more about what you like to read and how you process some complex written books. 

3. The Runaway
The Runaway is a reader that likes to runaway from book recommendations and suggestions from their friends or other readers. They hate reading about other people's opinions and try not to get caught up in the hype most of the time. The Runaway reader usually reads what he/she wants to read and appreciates all the recommendations from friends but doesn't bother looking at them. 

4. The Cheerleader
Similar to the Fandom Princess, the Cheerleader always 'cheers' or get's so excited after reading every book and has to tell all his/her friends and just go crazy online. This is the type of person that'll leave dozens of status updates on books they read and go crazy when they're talking to you about something. They get excited easily and if you end up mentioning their favorite book, you're going to have to sit down and listen to them chat for quite a while. 

5. The Wee Reader
The Wee Reader is not necessarily a slow reader but it refers to someone that takes a lot of time examining the text that they're reading to ensure that they've absorbed every last detail. It seems like they might be slow but it's just the fact that they stop so many times that makes it look like that. I am definitely not a wee reader because I just want an invigorating story. I'm not looking to write a whole report on a book. 

6. The Bookarazzi
The Bookarazzi reader refers to someone that lives to take pictures of their books. Guys, I've found the description that fits me best. If you don't follow me on Instagram (you should lol) because I love taking pictures of all my books and playing with the surroundings. I'm a Bookarazzi, and I'm proud! 
Instagram is thebooksbuzz! :D What's yours? 

So which one of these descriptions fit you? 

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