Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Press Play: Cameras

The owner of the blog, who you guys know as Diamond, suggested that maybe I should start doing some posts about Youtube because she knows just how much I enjoy talking about my experience and how I failed and am still failing lmfao! I took her up on her idea and am starting a new segment called Press Play, and it's basically my guide to navigating through Youtube and creating a brand new channel. 

** As a suggested disclaimer, I am no Youtube filming/editing expert. I just thought it'd be fun to share my experience from a normal teenage girl's point of view **

So today I'm going to discuss Cameras

This is a Canon Powershot SX520, which is the camera I currently use and have been using from the beginning of when I started videos. Although it doesn't have the best HD quality, it has a large zoom range and it's a great starter camera for those who want to try out filming but haven't 100% fully-commuted to the idea. In the beginning of March, I still wasn't sure if I was going to continue Youtube and therefore haven't purchased a new camera yet. For anyone who wants to know, I got this off of Amazon for only $200. The link is here

Youtube Starter Cameras
Listed from left to right: Go Pro camera, Canon EOS m3, iPad mini
You're probably wondering why I listed the iPad mini on this list. It's no mistake because the first video I ever uploaded on Youtube was taken with an iPad mini. Apple products have great quality cameras that can zoom or do anything like any normal camera. If you're not ready to invest or just plain and simple don't have the money, use your iPad because c'mon almost everyone has an iPad that they can use. Go Pros are always listed on websites that recommend the best cameras for Youtube. It does look kind of weird and intimidating but it's a great. Go Pros are kind of on the pricey side though for about $400 on Best Buy and Amazon but it's surely worth the price! 

The Canon EOS m3 is one of my favorites on this list going for about $500! With already great HD quality, this camera can also double up as a blogging camera because it's light and portable. It also has a screen that comes up from behind and shows you exactly what you're shooting. Highly recommend this one! 

My Dream Camera... that' I'm hopefully getting for Christmas this year :P xD 
This, ladies and gentlemen, is the legendary and (highly expensive) Canon EOS Rebel t5i DSLR camera. With incredible quality to shoot HD videos, it has good zoom, and even a screen to see what you're shooting. I've talked to a lot of Youtubers and 95% of them are currently using this camera to shoot their videos, which are always good quality. If I'm not mistaken, Katy from Katytastic on Youtube uses this camera. 

Price: About a whooping $600, which is too far off my pay range 

Also don't forget...
Your trusty tripod
Trust me guys, you're not going to want to forget about the tripod. It's the thing that's going to be holding your camera up so you can actually film instead of having someone hold it which is a pain and they'll probably end up yelling at you! I know this because I started like this too, without a tripod that is. 


How did you guys like the post? Feedback would be awesome because I really want to help some of the friends who always ask me about what they should use and how much it'll be. Love you guys and talk to you in another post! 

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