Saturday, July 18, 2015

New Look & Giveaway! (International)

I’m here today to acknowledge that this blog, after 2 years, has had a MAJOR design change! :party YAY!! :party

I really have to say I am so lucky in that I have had the best blog makeover experience! :rainbow Thank you to Chanielle Designs. The the ever-patient and ever-lovely Christine (she’s a book blogger too @ Bibliophilic Madness). After you enter the giveaway, make sure you go to her book blog and say hi .. she’s new to the whole designing thing (officially) and she did a great job! She even dealt with MANY MANY late night (long) and frantic emails about color choice. Can I roll my eyes at myself? Because if I can, I would right now. I am SUCH a picky bitch. :k lol

Honestly though….Do you like it? I’m so scared everyone will hate it but I know most people have said they like it. Is it a little too “mainstream”? I have heard that.. but that is okay. I am going to change the font of the headers I have heard it’s a bit hard to read. So be aware there are going to be more changes ahead. Please stick with me through them! 

I am still planning to move to Wordpress (self-hosting)! :P 
That will undoubtedly be a challenge but it’s something I am definitely going to do. I said I would do it at the end of the summer, and by jove I will! I have to…blogger is great but it’s become super cumbersome. I can’t achieve the things I want for my blog. It’s as simple as that. I spend so much time formatting posts—wasted. I KNOW how fast it is on Wordpress. I see you guys with your tweak me theme and all that fancy stuff… ;) and I want IN, I tells ya! Not to mention the clean look that is so difficult to achieve in blogger. Oh and don’t even get me started on interface… >.<

In lieu of the new look, you lovely followers are getting a chance to win a book of choice from The Book Depository! You must be a follower of the blog…it’s youse guys I am rewarding for being patient and following me through thick and thin (or new followers, welcome! I love you!) 

—Books may be YA, Middle Grade, Graphic Novels, Manga, New Adult, etc—

Giveaway is open to INT entries. Must be a follower of the blog. See full giveaway rules HERE.As long as you can receive books from The Book Depository. Not sure? Check the List of countries they ship to.

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