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264 Days: A Shatter Me Series

With the Shatter Me series being optioned for a television series and all, the 264 Days: A Shatter Me series is a fan-made, non-profit web series based on the Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi. I have been following @ShatterMeFilm on Twitter, where they tweeted me and encouraged me to check out the fundraiser for the launch of their web series. 

"I'm not insane" 

Where to start...A group of people who really wanted to make the world of Shatter Me come to life began to brainstorm ways to do so in their tiny NYC apartments. Juliette's story and her character journey hit home with these artists. Her experience isn't beautiful; it's gritty and raw, and -aside from the fantasy twist - is real and relatable. 
This film series is based on the Shatter Me book series by Tahereh Mafi. We know that the fans for this series are awesome and want these books to adapted onto the screen just as much as we do. 
*Disclaimer: This Fan Film Series is produced and performed solely for the personal, non-commercial enjoyment of ourselves and other Shatter Me fans. It is in no way sponsored, approved, endorsed or affiliated with Tahereh Mafi or ABC or any of their affiliates.  

What We Need & What You Get

We need to raise money for this project so that we can get locations to film at and all around make this series so much better than what it would be if we didn't have your financial support. We also have some really fun perks those of you who contribute, so you can have your very own unique fan experience. WITHOUT YOUR HELP THIS FILM SERIES WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE!

The Impact

We want to tell Juliette's story. It is something that both we want and other fans want. This is something that really has potential and we feel that we can positively impact a lot of people with this project. Juliette has not had human contact in 264 days. The thought of not having something as simple as human touch is so unfathomable. The loneliness that Juliette feels is a something that a lot of people also go through. The comfort of just having something like 264 Days: A Shatter Me Series is such a big deal for so many people.  We need YOUR help to make this happen! So please fund this series!

    Risks & Challenges

    Without your help we will not have places to film the series. Without places we cannot make this film at all! We really need your help! If we work together we can turn this project into something wonderful!

    Other Ways You Can Help

    If anyone has locations that they would be willing to let us use or anything that you guys think could be useful email us at:
    With each contribution of $15 or more, you will be in the Special Thanks section of the credits at the end 
    of each episode of 264 Days!

    Why not help the Shatter Me series film out? 
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