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Monthly Wrap-Up! June

June is what you call the month where the season of summer finally takes over. Beaches are opened, swimmers and beach-goers are sprawled out in the sun. It can't get any more better than this! Oh wait, actually it can! Summer means no school and no school means more READING. So without further ado, we present our fun-in-the-sun month of June! ^_^

Diamond's Wrap Up

..because my friends are awesome!

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Blog News: Be on the lookout for a brand NEW blog design here @ Dee's Reads! When the new design goes live (this weekend) there WILL be a giveway and there WILL be squealing (hopefully with delight, and not terror) :P haha are you excited? 
Dee News: Things with me are very ...hectic! I am in a transition as my move in date looms closer (first week of August!) I am busily organizing boxing and trading books as fast as possible so that I don't arrive at my new (extrmely small) studio apartment and find that I have NO ROOM FOR MORE BOOKS. I mean, #nightmare. O.o lol jk.. but I did actually get quite a bit of reading in this month all things considered.
*My favorite book I read this month* I have to say it was Illusionarium by Heather Dixon! For graphic novel (I read enough to count them separate—okay? :P ) Nimona by Noelle Stephenson which I gave a hearty 5 stars :star :star :star :star :star!  
Other than that I happily enjoyed the 4th of July early this year with family as the town where my aunt and uncle and cousins live had a great fireworks show this past weekend! :rainbow It was really fun and I took some great pics too :) Of course the blurry fireworks pics were a must haha. There was persian dancing (which I was uninhibited enough to do) and I even met new people and made a new friend! 
So cheers to keeping our heads up during the crazy-ness that is this summer. and CHEERS TO YOU for following me despite the somewhat boring state of this blog.

Alex's Wrap Up

         Saga, Volume 2 by Brian K. Vaughan Saga, Volume 3 by Brian K. Vaughan Saga, Volume 4 by Brian K. Vaughan

Thanks Penguin RH for the advanced copy! 
These are all the books that I read in June. I'm super super proud of how much I read considering all the finals and regents that were happening at the same time. Reviews of these books are all linked if they have been reviewed. For the most part, everything I read in June really put me in a good mood. I was content with everything I read and if I had to choose my favorite, it would have to be Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan! That book really impressed me when I thought it was just supposed to be some romantic thriller.

Notable Posts of June 
Reviews of June
Nimona (graphic novel) (ARC)
Mariana by Susanna Kearsley 
The Golden Compass (ARC) (graphic novel)
Illusionarium by Heather Dixon (ARC)
The Cellar by Natasha Preston 
The Ice Dragon by George R.R. Martin
Monstrous (ARC) by MarcyKate Connolly

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- Alex :rainbow Diamond :rainbow

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