Saturday, July 11, 2015

Friends Are the Key to Blogging!

It's Sunday, which means you guys probably aren't in the mood for any heart-wrenching or serious posts. Let's talk about something fun, like friendship. I don't know how many times I've stressed the importance of having and making friends on the blogging/vlogging community. It doesn't matter if you're a blogger of a book tuber, you're going to need friends to survive the "career". 

"If I had a nickel for every friend I've made ever since starting my channel/blog, I would own the bank."

1. Buddy Reads
You can't have a buddy read without a buddy. Buddy reads happen all over the blogosphere and on Youtube. I, myself, have done a lot of buddy reads with my newfound friends. Buddy reads are also a great way to ensure you have someone to talk to in the end and that you don't have to sit by yourself and think about what you just read. 

2. Recommending Books
Friends recommend books to each other. And believe me, some of my favorite books today are from recommendations on Goodreads and from Youtube videos. My book taste is dependent on my friends to keep filling me up with things to read and even books that they've enjoyed. You obviously wouldn't recommend a bad book to a friend. 

3. Sharing Each Other's Sites
Believe it or not, friends are the ones that spread the word about you to their friends and then their friends would spread the world to their friends... I think you get the point but it's important to have a web of friends to connect with. 

Without friends, you can't fangirl with each other. TRUST ME, I KNOW HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO FANGIRL! Even I, at times, have that burning urge to grab someone in the middle of the street and spill my feelings about the recent gut-wrenching book I've read. For example, you see, Diamond is such a dependable friend, one I could fangirl endlessly with. So go! Grab a friend and see how much your fingerling experience changes. 

5. Keeping You Updated
My friends are always the ones that tell me when a new cover has been revealed for a book I'm excited for or when my favorite books have been optioned into movies and TV shows. Without them, I would be so lost in the current news! They keep track of your interests and when something comes up, you can depend on your friend to tell you!

How did you like this soft and fluffy post? What is the importance of friends to you? 
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