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Etsy Raves: Nook & Burrow Bookmarks

I'm not going to lie. I've done a post about Etsy Raves Lillytales Bookmarks on my own book blog before. I figured this time I would refurbish it and just make people more aware of this talented young lady and her love for making bookmarks and reading. I've ordered from her two times now and both experiences have been met with complimentary requirements and her awesome packaging. 

Nook & Burrow

Nook & Burrow, originally called Lillytales, is a bookmark, candle, and weave shop created by the awesome bookworm, Kate. She has a variety of handmade wooden bookmarks, bookish scented candles, and handmade weaves that can be hanged on your walls. I've only ever ordered her bookmarks but they are such nice quality and won't break on you anytime soon. She does custom orders and regular ready-to-ship orders. Here is a sample of her work: 

Image of STARRY NIGHT - Colourful wooden bookmark Image of CURRENTLY READING - wooden bookmarkImage of MAKE MAGIC - Colourful wooden bookmark Image of PASTEL PRISM - Colourful wooden bookmark
Aren't they pretty? 

These are the ones I ordered... 

I ordered a custom Sarah J. Maas bookmark a while back and now I ordered her newest one, the ocean one :D I'm so glad with how these have turned out and I've had the Sarah J. Maas one forever now! If you would like a custom order, just go to her website and look for the bookmark with a question mark on it. If you add that to cart and pay, she will soon get to contact you and talk to you about what you're thinking of for your dream bookmark! 

Price Range: $$, price can be a little iffy but it pays for good quality bookmarks
Quality: Durable and long-lasting. Doesn't bend easily or have splinters since it's a wooden bookmark
Appearance: Absolutely stunning and cleanly sanded to perfection!
Shipping: Shipping is the real problem since she lives in Australia. also requires payment for shipping. 

P.S. If you purchase a bookmark and feature it in an instagram picture while tagging her, she will comment a 10% off coupon off your next order or free shipping off the next order. 

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