Wednesday, July 01, 2015

A Book Lover's Summer Must Haves

It's safe to say that the Summer season is already here and all the readers out there are pulling out there sunchairs and reading their favorite summer reads. I'm not here to tell you what books to read, more like what things you absolutely need to have! The book recs for summer will be in a separate post some other day, but for now.... let's get into the goodies! 

1. You-Bumi Waterproof Book Cover
I bet none of you guys can tell me that this is not cool. LOOK AT IT! I still can't believe I found this online. I'm in shock of my awesome googling skills. But this is self-explanatory. Let's say you're reading a book by the shore and all of a sudden a huge tsunami comes. Of course, you'd want your book to stay dry under the covers, and this is the perfect way to do it. There are even finger slots to flip the page, so you could easily manage to flip through a book floating in the water. 

2. A Book Tent
A bunch of you are going camping, so here's something for you nature and outdoor enthusiasts. Why not get caught building a book tent to show your true love for both nature and your love for reading. I know I'm going to do a lot of camping this year and this is definitely what I want to be sleeping in. These come in many different sizes and book covers!

3. Embellished Sunglasses
Ladies, you're going to be doing a lot of reading at the beach and why not have some drop dead gorgeous sunglasses at the same time! These embellished sunglasses can range anywhere from a ton of money if you buy them in stores to really cheap if you decide to dedicate your time in making some yourself with stick-on acrylic flowers and a pair of nice shades. 

4. Book Umbrella... Literally
A book umbrella- to block the sun from setting your book on fire! :D 

5. Book of Tissue

Who doesn't have allergies during the summer? This box tissue has only the softest tissues on the planet and the most delicate material for your nose! LOL JK, there goes shameless advertising. But seriously this is so cute in the eyes of any book lover.

6. Hammock

I have a hammock in my backyard so trust me when I tell you that these are the greatest things to be invented. I hate it when I'm sitting up in bed reading and my back starts to ache all of a sudden. With the hammock, you can wish away the pains because you're kind of lying and half-sitting. It's a combination of the two and that way, you won't feel the pain!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I have never seen anything like that waterproof book cover! I could have used one EVERY SUMMER growing up, since my family went to the beach and the lake all the time, and I never went anywhere without a book.

    1. Right? I was surfing online for summer book lover must-haves and that ended up on my screen. I think that it's part of a Japanese company maybe :D

  2. Its confusing to have all these summer posts when its the middle of winter down here in Australia, BUT I loved this post! I don't think I would use the waterproof thing - I prefer to avoid water when reading - but its such a cool idea. And the embellished sunglasses are simply delightful. I doubt I could pull them off though. :)

    1. Thanks gurll!! I usually like to take risks and bring my book in the water with me but try to stay afloat. This waterproof book slip just increased my risk-taking!!! But i definitely need it.


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