Sunday, May 10, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up

So for awhile now I have been doing MONTHLY wrap up posts where Alex and I include our book haul, posts, etc.

As soon as I published that April post, the very next day…and day after that…I kinda went a little crazy on EW and Netgalley :$ as well as the library bookstore and using my Barnes & Noble coupons (because they expire and then those 20% coupons will never see the light of day again…) I have been doing SO well abstaining from getting tons of review books since I don't have any reading time (seven days of working will do that).

However, the good news is this week is the first week that my schedule changes. I requested 1 day off every week (either Saturday or Sunday) and I have Weds off after 12 noon. So it's like a half day. I'm working on doing a full day off Weds so I can have two days off like a normal person, although they'll be non-consecutive.

I feel compelled to post my book haul this week, I know if I wait I will forget some and also because I AM SO EXCITED about these books guys! The sequel to Messenger of Fear, Tatooed Heart is now in my grasp I don't know how I am going to wait to read it. I also can't wait for another genie tale in A Whole New World..Aladdin retelling *yesplease* :O

The excitement over books was back in full force this week and I am more than happy to switch up the blog post norm and share my excitement with y'all. As always, I *love* your feedback! Have you read or heard of any of these upcoming releases? What are you reading or do you have a recommendation for me?

This week I'll be posting a few more of my graphic novel reviews, so keep an eye out for that. Including an actual Marvel graphic novel (who knew?!) lol. I'm currently in the middle of Nora Roberts Blood Magick, it's the 3rd book in the series with witches and yes its romance. It's really tame though. It's less hot than most of the YA books I read, but I enjoy the series and I'm so glad to add another series to my "finished series" list ;)

Dee's Book Haul

*Empire of Night borrowed from library*

Dee's Review Haul


How was your week? Are you enjoying your Mother's Day? What are you currently reading? 
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  1. I have a copy of A Madness so Discreet too and am really, REALLY eager to get to it! Enjoy your extended time off. Who doesn't love more time to read? :)

    1. ooh you do, YAY! :party
      I am super excited too! lol. It looks so good and dark and I just love crazy girls in YA lol. I really hope its good. Kind of reminds me of Megan Shepherd, you know?
      Yeah more time off means more reading! :8 And other stuff too, like sleep which is always good.

  2. I really like the look of Madness So Discreet! And Dreamland too. Nice haul!

    And yay so glad you are going to have a little free time in your life, you need it.

    How is your classic coming along, will we try for a post this month? I'm reading The Hand Maidens Tale and really enjoying it.

    1. Thanks Trish. Well I just finished today actually it was a reread of a book my student is reading so I just read it with him— A Midsummer Night's Dream.
      I kinda wanted to have something else for the classic, as I don't know how I will write a review for it!?!! Glad you're enjoying Handmaiden's Tale.
      I am anxious to start a new classic, actually. I think I want to try The Haunting of Hill House. It's pretty short. Have you read it?

  3. Nope but it is one that I'd like to try sometime. Maybe do a quotes post rather than a review post for A Midnight Summer's Dream? I think that would be interesting :)

    1. Great idea!! Ok I will start to write the post tonight :)


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