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My Thoughts On: Shadowhunters TV Show

No, I haven't read the entire TMI series yet in books. I have seen the movie for the first book, and totally obsessed over it for a few days. The Shadowhunters TV show was announced way back when, but recently some of the characters were cast, and I thought it would be reasonable enough to share my fears and anticipations for the incoming hit!

Dominic Sherwood cast as Jace Wayland

Perfect, just perfection. Honestly the perfect person to be playing Jace Wayland. Did you miss him in Vampire Academy? He was Christian in Vampire Academy.

His face is so chiseled and it looks like baby smooth! Gahh, girl crushes. It's not that I didn't like Jamie Campbell, who played Jace in the movie, but I really think Dominic is a great choice for the new role in the TV show. 

Alberto Rosende as Simon Lewis

Too sexy for Simon?

We all know Simon as the nerdy type, ya know he's known for his glasses. Is it just me, or does Alberto look exactly like the Simon that was played in the movies? Maybe it's just my eyes or this particular picture.

Was he a good choice? 100% yes! I agree with the people that cast him. He's a great Simon who has that nerdy side but with a dash of sexy and ruggedness.  

Emeraude Toubia as Isabelle Lightwood

No hate here, but why didn't they keep the Isabelle that was in the movie? I had a strong connection to her and felt that she could have pulled off another role in the TV show. I was almost sure that they were gonna choose her again.

Then again, it would be kind of awkward to keep the Isabelle and replace everyone else.

Was she a good choice? She sure looks like an Isabelle. Hope she can really pull off the part of the bad-ass (my favorite) Shadowhunter! 

Katherine McNamara as Clary Fray

I watched her on Disney Channel's original film Girl vs. Monster and I didn't think she was that impressive on that show. Maybe she wasn't able to show her true potential because she was playing the part of a snobby, popular teenager. I'm truly excited for this casting, and I think she looks mysterious, bold, and super purty. 

One concern I have is that she also looks kind of innocent and fragile. I really hope they remake her look and maybe some bad-ass highlights and some tanner skin possibly... ? because the Clary we all know is a born risk-taker and a fighter! 

It's hard to say that I'm not excited for the show because I don't know what to expect from the casting and where their sets are going to take place. They should use the same sets though for the Institute and such!

My Fears. My biggest fear is that these new actors are not going to bring their A-game and be as good as say, Lily Collins. The awesome Lily Collins! I also fear that the story will go way off the book's plotline and take it in an entirely new direction. I guess it's safe to say that most book to TV adaptations do that anyways, so there's no point in fear when it's inevitable. 

This new TV series could push people from reading the book series just as easily as it could draw more people to it. It really depends on how fluently and successfully the producers of this show drag out the story and the background information. No info dumps. No sluggish acting. And god, please god no insta-romance! 

My Anticipations. The romance.. all the gushy mushy love that's going to occur between Clary and Jace. I can't wait to see our two newly cast members shake things up a little and just allow a whole new friendship and romance to blossom! I'm anticipating all the action and fighting scenes. DAMN THOSE ARE GOING TO BE FREAKING AWESOME! 

Makeup and costume. That should be interesting since we all know Shadowhunters love their leather jackets and belts :P There also needs to be some hella cool makeup and effects for the vampires and ughhh we can't forget Magnus Bane, which the movie did a great job at envisioning his character and personality. Props to the producers! 

Because this is a TV show it's longer and that means they will be able to build the basic story into something else. New characters? New love interests? NEW HOT GUYS?? We'll be getting many seasons (hopefully) and more time for the characters to build substantial relationships and conflicts! Who doesn't love TV shows? 

Magnus Bane at his finest hour. 
Overall I'm just going to miss all the actors from the movie. I can't imagine these parts being played any other way.

What are your thoughts on the up-and-coming TV show, Shadowhunters

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  1. AH I am actually so excited!!! It sounds like it's going to be as epic as PLL and the Vampire Diaries, except this time I'll be there from the beginning!! Honestly though, I hated the movie. The books are freaking amazing, but the movie? Not so much. YOU NEED TO READ ALL THE BOOKS!!! I like the cast for this TV show too ;)

    The Life of Little Me

    1. I hope it becomes as popular as PLL and TVP. I know I know, I feel ashamed already D:

  2. Lily Collins is gorg. #Girlcrush her big time. She's the only one who I'm sad to see go (as well as Magnus Bane...yet to be cast). I'm totally fine with the rest of the cast - even (moreso) excited. Dominic Sherwood is fiiine. He also has a more aristocratic bad-boy vibe to him than I thought Jamie had (maybe cause Jamie was too pretty?) I saw a pic of Alberto on Twitter in his Simon-get up and he looked appropriately nerdy. & Emeraude = gorgeous = Isabelle.

    So excited for them to draw out the romance in the tv series!!!

    1. IM SOOO SAD SHES NOT PLAYING CLARY OMG!!! It's unbearable. I have a girlcrush on Magnus haha. But I have high hopes for Dominic so I'm okay with him replacing Jamie.

  3. After watching the movie, I knew that it would be DONE. The movie was a flop even though I love Lily Collins. I actually didn't like Jamie and now I'm so glad they casted Dominic. I really did like him in VA even thought that movie was a little iffy also.

    Overall, I'm excited for this show because it's up in the air what could happen.


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