Friday, May 01, 2015

Monthly Recap: April

Another month bites the dust! April has already come and now gone…and what a lovely spring month it has been. I have had a lot of things going on, and while it was a busy month at least I got out of my reading slump and started getting back into the swing of things. 
Book wise the highlight of the month was attending YALLFEST in Santa Monica. I extended the giveaway—see the link below (its US only).

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Giveaway posted below (US only)
If I get enough entries, I will mail up to 3 different signed posters (Red Queen) and swag from the festival. 
Since they're posters they need to be specifically packaged so they don't bend, and it costs a little more. If I don't get more than 300 entries (after 100, each 100 will elicit another prize) - you're more than welcome to email me and paypal me the shipping so I can send you the poster! It's not that much, and if you're a red queen fan I think it'd be worth it. I think the cost (media) with tracking and the packaging is around 5$. 
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Not that many books (if you think about it) considering I attended a YA book event AND just got an Amazon Prime membership :O

Preordered: Crimson Bound via Giveaway

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  Thanks to Amulet Books for sending me Fluffy Bunnies 2


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that's all sadly :( 

How did your April go? Leave a comment and if you did a wrap up leave your link too so we can come by! :rainbow


  1. HAHAHA I read the first line and TOTALLY SANG ELASTIC HEART. Seriously so jealous you had something as cool as YALLFEST AND YOU HAD SO MUCH FUN AND I LOVED YOUR RECAP, LOVE! <3 Very interested to seeing how you'll take Crimson Bound. I DNFed that one unfortunately LOL I spy Ash and Bramble and Monstrous Thing! Super curious about picking them up soon (although not in the near future, more pertinent release dates coming up LOL) Another retelling though! Not sure how I feel about that though tbh.

    Enjoy Bone Season, Alex! It's not for everyone, but I adored it to pieces. PLUS ONCE YOU GET TO MIME ORDER, YOUR HEART WILL DIE BECAUSE DAMMIT THAT WAS A GOOD BOOK.

    1. Now I'm so excited for The Bone Season :O

    2. Glad u liked the recap hon! I am interested in Crimson Bound too. Did u like Cruel Beauty? I loved it.
      Yeah I had to get ash and bramble, i haven't gotten many in April … unlike may got its been one day and i downloaded like 4 books off of EW today! Exciting, but ..scary lol. on the up side I'm randomly choosing a book i wanna read for tomorrow! not a review book, just for fun. Either Young Elites, Wondrous and Wicked, Court of thorns and Roses, are my top 3 but might venture into something totally random. we'll see.
      I know what you mean about retellings, I love them to death but there have been perhaps too many lately. Although, I don't read that many (right?!?) lol.. Monstrous thing better be horrific because I need some horror to balance out my life right now haha.

      <3 hope you have a great start of May Jess <3 :k

  2. So many beautiful covers! Rebecca is one classic I still need to read!
    Happy May reading!

    1. ohh yeah you should! Everyone raves about it but to be honest, its just one of those solid good thriller / romance/ mystery gothic classics! LOL.
      Happy May reading to you too Freda!! :L

  3. Omg right I cannot believe it's already May like WHAT IS THIS? COME BACK TO ME, APRIL, I'M NOT READY YET. Anyway, you girls got some awesome books last month! Something Real and The Year of Shadows are both my faves, and I love them dearly so I hope both of you do too.

    1. On the other hand, I'm glad May is here bec it's my birthday month, but I'm totally sensitive to your reason- time is flying by so fast :P I love the cover for Something Real and it reasoned me into buying it! Happy reading Melanie :D

    2. I know…you were actually the one who pushed me to buy it lol :$ I think we were talking about it on your blog or something and I saw it on Amazon for like 7$ and said, okay I am getting this now <3 Hope I get to it soon!!

  4. I'm going to Have to check out A Nearer Moon and dream land!


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