Monday, April 06, 2015

Harry Potter World Experience (Day 1)

After taking a recent trip to the wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I was totally shocked by all the amazing things it had to offer and just about how much fun I had. It's actually no secret that I haven't finished the series, and yet I've watched all the movies to know about the characters and the story. Everything was extremely real and intricate and the makers obviously payed attention to detail. For those who didn't know, Harry Potter world is structured exactly like Hogsmeade and the Hogwarts castle, which can be reached by taking the train. The service is extremely wonderful and the workers wear costumes, which I thought was so rad! 

I ended up buying a Gryffindor shirt with 'Potter' in the back and Hermione's interactive wand :D
Tasting some extremely good butterbeer 
At Wand Showroom where we got to pick out some wands! 

So was it worth it- all the money and traveling expenses? HELL YES! I mean I didn't even have any expectations to how it was supposed to be but it was an experience of a life time! One thing I do recommend- check out the Gringotts ride. It's kind of thrilling but I love rollercoaster and fast rides so it was really nice for me. I hope you guys all love this post, and I know some of you already went to HP world. Share your experiences, I would love to know! I also wish I had more pictures but it was so hot and I refused to stop to take pictures. :P 

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