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Our Top 5 Favorite "weird YA books" | #KeepYAWeird (plus giveaway)

Follow the #KeepYAWeird campaign on twitter by following the hashtag throughout the month of March! d why we consider them to be "weird" in the first place. ;) 
What is Keep YA Weird? 
#KeepYAweird is about drawing attention to young adult books that celebrate literary experimentalism (in any way) and extreme imagination! :tup Cool, huh? :P 

Below is an excerpt explaining about the campaign:
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"Author Andrew Smith is going on his “Keep YA Weird” tour to celebrate the release of his new novel, The Alex Crow and the paperback release of Grasshopper Jungle.Andrew Smith will embark on a national “Keep YA Weird” tour. This tour will be part of a national “Keep YA Weird” campaign that celebrates literary experimentalism and extreme imagination in YA literature. To celebrate, fans will be encouraged to share their favorite five “weird YA” books using the hashtag #keepYAweird." -Hypable

Dee's Favorite "Weird" YA Books:  

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by April Genevieve Tucholke - I love weird. This book is considered weird to me because of its prose. Its written in a style that I have not seen lately in YA. It's like an awesome blend of Kerouac, Proust, and Richelle Mead all in one. The author has this very vintage feel to her writing and the story played in my head with modern characters surrounded by a faded world in which they live. Though, it was incedibly authentic because it reminded me a lot of a few of my friends and I when we were in high school. One friend in particular lived-in an old dilapidated mansion and had first editions of old books—many of them signed. There was art everywhere and we just had a lot of fun living in our version of the past. This book is just so amazing, and although it's definitely "weird" with a "weird" protagonist, I loved every bit of it! :tup

A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray - I really loved this book. I felt like the time travel element is usually very "sci-fi" and has some either a, complicated themes or b) major holes in the explanation of the obvious questions. 

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead - The Vampire Academy is a great series. I just love how the main character, Rose, isn't your typical female protag. She's got spunk and is very cool. She kicks butt, and doesn't need a "man" to save her. Gotta love that, even if it is "weird" compared to most of the typical (stereotypical) YA female protags. I think the director of the film sumeed it up really well in this article: 
"Most of the time when you meet these people, they don’t know anything about the supernatural world and they are brought into this world and you learn about it through their eyes. They are basically these virginal innocents and I loved the fact that Rose wasn’t that. Rose was somebody who was already deeply embedded in the world and wasn’t a sweet, na├»ve, or shy creature. If anything, she was somebody who was rambunctious and pertinent, funny, subversive, and I liked everything about that energy." -Hypable "Pressures of YA movies"

Illusions of Fate by Kirsten White: 

Alex's Favorite "Weird" YA Book:  

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green-- I would consider this a "weird" YA book because of the way the story was set up. There are only a few times in YA where an author makes their main protagonist a mathematical genius. And in doing so, the author has to himself/herself have the knowledge of the things he/she is writing about. I thought it was a huge risk of John Green's to take that route and make his character such a smarty pants and infuse most mathematical theorems, parabolas, and algebra into his book as little pictures and diagrams. Now he kept in mind that maybe not all his readers would understand these things because we're not all mathematical geniuses! 

Don't Look Back by Jennifer L. Armentrout- In the story Jennifer writes about a girl who comes back from being missing with no memory or where she was and who she was with. From the beginning of the book to the end, Jennifer creates such a unique and wicked plot that leaves you bawling at the end.

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver- The author, Lauren Oliver, mentions in an interview that she had to think long and hard before writing this book because the main character is actually the typical mean, popular girl and she wasn't like that in high school. It's a brave road that Lauren took writing about a character's personality she had no experience with.

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Tell us in the comments what you think about keeping YA weird! What are some of your favorite "weird" YA books? What did you think of our picks, are they fitting?  

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  1. A Thousand Pieces of You is on my TBR for sure!

  2. Brilliant list - even though I only read Vampire Academy and Before I Fall :( BUT, all the others are on my list and I will, MOST DEFINITELY, get to them really soon :) Hope your weekend is going well <3

    1. lol that's cool! I need thread Before I Fall… I have it ..just need to get to it. Thing is, I'm rarely in a contemporary mood ;)

    2. Thanks! I can't wait to read Before I Fall!

  3. Loved Don't Look Back, and Before I Fall! I have A Thousand Pieces of You but haven't gotten to it yet, hopefully soon!


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