Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dee's Life Update: The Time I Got The Letter…

This year I've been posting sporadically about my personal life and endeavors. I really love all the support I've gotten :L

If you've been following the blog you already know that I've been working 3 jobs temporarily to reach my goals and attend graduate school in the Fall. Last year I took the GRE and applied to a few different Graduate Schools— my number one choice was sent in December. Ever since I've been dying to discover where I will get in! I applied to the MLIS program (Master's of Library and  Information Science) and my biggest hope was that I could get in and enroll for fall of this year and at least one program that I applied to (which was only a total of 2, tbh).

SO I recently got a letter…the BEST LETTER..

I recently heard back from my #1 school..

I got in to UCLA Graduate School :rainbow 

I'll be attending the school of Library and Information Science starting in the end of September! :e UCLA has the #1 program in the state and top in the country. I am SO excited (and also very nervous)  because there's a lot I need to accomplish in these next 7 months. I need to keep working and saving like mad to move, and I need to enroll in a Statistics class as a prerequisite. My grade in the class will be my first grade on my Graduate transcripts.. no pressure though! ;)

I just wanted to share the good news with you all. I know a lot of you were curious and asked me to keep sharing about my journey!

I also know a lot of you are librarians / have gotten your master's degree already (or higher) and I want to ask you to share in the comments anything you want to about your experience :O In general I am curious about grad school and different people's experiences.


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(aka Dee) has loved reading for as long as she can remember. She loves many things: fantasy novels, young adult fiction, her cat, painting, and horror films from the 70s. Diamond is a grad student at UCLA. She's pursuing a Master's in Library and Information Science.


  1. :e Congratulations!!!! That's absolutely fantastic. It's a great school and I'm so excited for you. I have thought about doing a library science degree - I already have a masters in another field and there's a program near me that lets you do the additional courses you need. Maybe someday!
    Jen @ YA Romantics

    1. aww Thanks Jen!! :h I'm so excited too! You're so sweet. You have a master's degree in what field? I feel like I knew that but can't remember which one. That's really cool maybe you will pursue it and if you do make sure you let me know :k
      Thanks for the sweet tweet <3

  2. Congratulations, Dee! I'm very happy for you, not to mention impressed by your commitment. No need to be nervous, sounds like you have everything under control. Well done!

    1. Thanks Ramona! I really appreciate that :O Interesting, I don't think of it as being too much of a commitment, which I think is a good sign that I am doing the right thing. Fingers crossed. ;)

  3. I'm so excited for u and for the journey that this new life update takes you. Congrats gurll, you totally deserve it and you're amazing, did u know that? Can't wait to spend the rest of ma blogging days with ya. Dee's Read is going to go somewhere extremely far and down a unique path.

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

    1. Thanks for your encouragement Alex! I am glad you're with me on this journey too! :tup
      I appreciate your help and support. I think the blog is going to go far as well. :D :h especially now you're here. ;)

  4. HOLY DIAMOND!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I know how stressful the whole process was and how much effort and hard work you put into your grad app! I always knew you could do this, you're amazing, love! <3 CONGRATULATIONSSSSSSS MY LOVE! <3 Keep rocking!

    1. awww, Thanks JESS! I appreciate it, more so because I know you KNEW how crazy stressful it was for me.. can you say, stress induced breakdown? sheesh. But, it was worth it! lol. Thanks for the encouragement lovie. :h big hugs
      xox <3 :rainbow


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