Saturday, January 10, 2015

Dee's Creations: How a DIY Confetti Frame reignited my Artsy/Crafty side

Hi guys :D I hope you are all doing well in 2015! This may be the first post in a feature/more to come about my creative exploits as an artist / creative person who recently got back into arty things. I have been wanting to share some of my art with you guys for a long time now. I kept saying I would but I didn't. I was chicken. It's hard to put your art out there for the whole world to see critique. But the time for chickens is over, I'm so excited about my new projects, and because they're very DIY-y I thought I'd start from the beginning and share with you the first project I did two months ago that got me BACK into the whole artistic / creative / late nights of artist fervor - thing. :e

The first thing I did was a DIY "Confetti Frame." I love this idea and I got inspired by the beautiful blog post @ A Pair and a Spare: DIY Confetti Filled Frame. ^see their creation in the photo above^
I wanted to make mine a bit less simple, for a friend of mine. As a book lover hoarder, you'd be surprised how many excellent images you have right at your disposal*. I found a cute little "friends are forever" book at the used bookstore I volunteer at. It was old (falling apart, and had no illustrator I can credit). The colored images with the best messages written on each page. I brought it home, made a color copy, and followed (more or less) the instructions given in the post I linked to above. Hand cutting confetti is very easy!

It looked so nice on my shelf it was hard to part with, but alas, it was meant for my friend. She loved it and that was the first project that inspired me to be more creative OUTSIDE my usual medium. Using DIY sites and Pinterest always seemed cool to me, and I would bookmark here and there but never DID anything, because it also seemed so hard. I'm glad when I found this post I realized it couldn't be that hard (could it?) lol..seriously though, it wasn't!

Little did I know this little craft project would open the floodgates of creativity and propel me to watercolor, paint, mod podge, and even arrange fake flowers in a vase. But more on that in a later post :) I'm just happy to be back at my art and artish hobbies. Even if it keeps me up until 4am most nights *yawn* ;)

SO what do you think? Would you make a confetti frame? Any DIY / crafty followers out there? Do you get inspired by crafty blogs and pinterest?

^I know it's hard to see, sorry about the quality. My iPhone camera has been disappointing me lately.

*Note: Please be advised when using books/images from books that copyright laws should be respected. I usually use books/images that are now in public domain and extremely old. If the image is newer or even older but not public domain/ i'm unclear I give credit on the back of my piece to the illustrator. Please look up the laws in your country. My policy is to always give credit, no matter what. It's hard though when there is no one to give credit too, in which case (like above) I just state that I used the image and it is not my own.*

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