Monday, October 27, 2014

GRE Exam Aftemath!

I finished the GRE test this past Friday!


...but I am also now already counting all the things I need to do next! But I need to stop, and breathe because I DID VERY WELL. They show you the scores right away since its computerized, but for the writing portion I need to wait 10 days for the result. *chews fingernails*

What does this mean for the blog?

I will have more time to read and post! ^_^ I still have a lot of other things to complete for the application for grad school, which is December 10 -- RAPIDLY APPROACHING. But, hey, I am one step closer! :e

Anyway, wanted to share the news with you guys ASAP since its been so dead around here lately.

**Also,  if ANYONE wants to do a guest post please email me! OR Go to my Contact Me Page, there's a form of you prefer, there's a button for my email there as well. 

Thanks guys, and I look forward to getting some freaking books finished soon and writing reviews again :L
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