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Reviews from the Vault: Pretty Dark Nothing by Heather L. Reid

Source: Netgalley (e-ARC)
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It’s been twenty three days since Quinn has slept for more than minutes at a time. Demons have invaded her dreams, stalking her, and whispering of her death. The lack of sleep and crippling fear are ruining her life. Energy drinks and caffeine pills don’t make a dent. When Quinn dozes off in the school hallway, Aaron, an amnesiac with a psychic ability, accidentally enters her nightmare. The demons are determined to keep them apart, and Aaron from discovering the secret locked away in his memory. Together, they could banish the darkness back to the underworld for good. That is, unless the demons kill them first.
Thank you Month9Books for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review. 

A copy of this was sitting on my ereader for months. By the time I finally got to it, all I remembered was it was about a girl who had crazy nightmares...and something with ghosts. Well, I don't know why I thought ghosts were involved. They're not. But the premise is a girl who is plagued by crazy creepy nightmares. When I say creepy, I mean creepy.

Immediately you're taken into horror-movie scary proportions as you find out about Quinn, high school cheerleader. She's definitely not normal; she's got some major issues. Not just daddy issues either. She does all sorts of things to keep herself awake for days and days. Caffeine pills, redbull, loud music, pinching. Are her dreams that bad. Why yes, they are. I was so bloody scared it was awesome. I love being scared while reading.

I was fascinated with the story, from the beginning. I did feel sort of detached from Quinn at times though. That was my biggest problem. I felt like because it jumped into the horror aspect so fast, it missed the initial bonding/softening up that usually occurs between myself and a MC. I did feel bad for her thorough out the book, that was consistent.

In steps Aaron. I really liked Aaron. He had a painful past, but he was strong. He kept going after Quinn and tried to help her time after time. Even when her behavior was so awful I felt like pushing her down the stairs. It's kind of explained in the end, but I was disappointed that they never really had a completely honest two way conversation in the entire book. It was frustrating, and  the way it ends make me feel like I should dash my hopes / not read the sequel.

I was bummed at the end. I don't really understand what happened. Even after rereading the end. I still am pretty confused. Also, a little bitter. The ending left me bitter and confused *sigh* but I read the whole book in one anxious sitting, and that says to me that I was riveted. Sure there were things I didn't like, but there were enough things I did like to make me eagerly read on. I'll probably read the sequel, too. Not positive that I will, I'm still so upset about that ending part (if you read it, you know!) but in fiction, anything can happen... 

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  1. I'm super duper jealous that you're reading all these fit for halloween books. I'm dying for a good horror but have yet to find one that really draws me in. I'm doing a gothic romance right now for halloween so my spirit is still there :D Confusing endings suck and I always pull my rating down if I don't get it. But at least all the other horror aspects were there, right? Fantastic review, as always, sweets! <33 x

    1. Thanks doll! Yes the other aspects were DEFINITELY there! It was spoooky

  2. OOh i've seen this one around before! It sucks that the ending left you confused and a little meh towards the book overall, it just totally ruins the book on whole.

    Lovely review, Dee! <3

    1. Aw thanks Mel, and I am glad u agree with me. Endings are so important!

  3. My goodness, look at that cover! I think I might need to pick this one up. I have been getting more into creepy books lately.

    1. ME TOO. Maybe it's the time of year, but idk bc I started this mood of mine months ago, it's good. Definitely check this one out!

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