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Let's Discuss: the recent witch book influx!

Lately I've been thinking a lot about trends in YA. I feel like a few years ago the trend was vampires, and then we had some werewolves going on. But the big thing I've noticed lately is the huge number of witch books that have just been released / are set to be released sometime in fall. 

I gotta just say I have always loved witch books. :L Especially good ones! My all time favorite series is The Witching Hour (Mayfair Witch Chronicles) by Anne Rice. :tup It's an oldie but a goodie. I don't know why but I feel like books about witches have always fascinated me to no end. I feel like I can read witch books forever and never get sick of them (unlike vampire books, I'm kinda getting sick of those lately)... :|| 

So these are some of the books I'm thinking of when considering this recent trend in witch books. I know there are many more, I just listed a few that I thought of right away. Have you read any good witch/wizard books lately? Are you looking forward to any? 

Some of the ones I recently read and really liked:



Shadow of Night || Salt & Storm || Illusions of Fate || House of Ivy & Sorrow || Dark Witch

Witch/Wizard/Magic books I plan to read:

Trial by Fire | Witchfall | Bad Magic | Book of Life | A Wicked Thing | Monstrous | Sweet Unrest



Sweet Unrest


What do you think of trends in YA? My favorite trend is magic and fantasy, specifically witchy books ;) What's your favorite trend, or what do you think should be the next trend (if it were up to you)?

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  1. I adore the Witch trend. In fact, I could stay in it forever! I just checked out Mayfair Witch Chronicles, just before, and have immediately added it to my TBR! Someday, I tell you, someday.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed Shadow of Night and Salt and Storm--they were two of my favourites from this year! I'm due for Trial by Fire sometime next week, as well as a couple of other ones on your list :D

    1. Yay another witch trend luva :O omg yay I'm so happy u added that to your TBR! If you get to it I need to know your thoughts! I feel like it really has potential for you (based on your likes and stuff) she's a great author ;)
      Yeah Salt & Storm and Shadow of Night were awesome! I can't wait to rd book of life

  2. That is so true, there has been a mass resurfacing of the witch trend, I hadn't really noticed before! I haven't read much of the witch genre though but I really need to hop onto that bandwagon. :)

    Laquesha @ BookLover2.0

  3. I'm a big fan of witch books. Vampires are getting a bit overdone, and werewolves are just too --- wolfy for me :)
    Jen @ YA Romantics

  4. Ooh interesting, I haven't even noticed there are more witch books coming out lately. Very cool :)

    1. Lol I wonder if I'm noticing bc I love witch books so much. Haha :$

  5. I hadn't noticed but now that you mention it, there a tonnes. I MUST read House of Ivy & Sorrow soon, I've had it too long now. Dark Witch is on my tbr. I didn't know that was the theme of Illusions of Fate but I want to try that author soon too. I haven't read a lot of witch books but I love witchcraft so I really want to remedy that. Great suggestions here Dee, thanks for that! I've no excuse for not getting stuck into some now and I really want to too.

    1. House of Ivy & Sorrow wasn't my favorite, but it was good for a read where u don't feel like anything too ...idk ..intense. It's light and breezy. I loved the dark Witch by Nora Roberts, I think you'll like that best based on your tastes. But illusion of Fate was awesome and if u read any of em lmk! :O

  6. I have noticed the recent witch trend, and I'm glad you commented on it :)

    What I'm not sure of is if it's a trend in publishing (more witch books being published) or if we're just seeing the beginnings of an upswing in popularity. One certainly begets the other, but if I look at my bookshelves (pretty much 100% fantasy of some ilk or another), I have a TON of "witch" books, depending on your definition of witch. Do you consider someone who uses magic as a witch would to be a witch, even if the world she's in doesn't really identify with that term/concept? If so, there are several high fantasy books that I would pull into the ranks that had their share of popularity not too long ago, some with authors we readily identify as urban fantasy authors (Patricia Briggs, Kim Harrison, etc). Since those authors have been publishing these other books all along, I'm wondering if this is just witches becoming popular to read again, rather than popular to write. It's probably a bit of both :)

    More broadly, wizards have certainly been popular for quite some time (Harry Dresden, So You Want to be a Wizard, Gandalf, to name a few examples).

    Thanks for the post---I've picked up a few titles :)

    ~Liza @ Classy Cat Books

    1. Lizzy,
      It's funny, after I published this I began thinking of what you just mentioned. I was glancing at my shelves on GR and I realized SO many were published lo ago, I think it's a trend that has always been popular, just lately maybe has been getting more attention? It's a valid point, and. I'm wondering if it is a new trend, or simply that more attn is being paid to it.
      I want to start Patricia Briggs series, I thought was about werewolves? I have moon called on my shelf, I almost started it yesterday actually lol. Kim Harrison is another one. Where I just got Dead Witch Walking on iBooks for free, and can't wait to start that series!
      Thanks for the thoughtful comment, and recs!

  7. I love books about witches too! You could add The Cahill Witch Chronicles (Born Wicked...) and a lot of other books to that list. I've also noticed a strong fantasy trend, probably because those books have been good ones (Grisha trilogy). I hope we continue to see these trends. :)

    Thanks for stopping by, Dee!

    Tressa @ Wishful Endings

    1. You're right Tressa, there is a huge increase in fantasy books being released, especially quality ones! I'm loving that, and I have Born Wicked on my TBR, can't wait to read it :L


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