Tuesday, October 01, 2013

OC Children's Book Festival Recap

On Sunday I went to my very first book festival! It was the Orange County Children's Book Festival -- I had a great time! I took my niece and nephew, and we had a blast checking out all the different booths.

The main event (for me) was the Young Adult panel. Nancy Holder was the moderator, joined by Stacey Jane and Jessica Brody. I brought my Wicked books for Nancy to sign, and had a great chat with Of Beast and Beauty author Stacey Jay about Buffy! She said her boys asked her why there weren't any female superheroes. Her answer was to introduce them to Buffy! They watched the first two seasons, but she had them stop at Season 3 until they're older (they're 9). Lol. She said when they're 13 they can watch season 3.
Of Beast and Beauty

I was also really happy to win the raffle! I won some YA books. (Pictured somewhat crappily below) 

I do regret some things though. First, I regret not bringing ALL my Nancy Holder books, but she was nice enough to give me her email so she can send me some bookplates! I also regret not buying Of Best and Beauty to have it signed, but all the books were full price.. My other regret is not arriving earlier for pictures! So, I don't have pics of the authors :( Forgive me! 
The books I came home with
But I got a ton of swag that I'll be including in my upcoming Spooktacular giveaway :) And, my next book event will be the Teen Book Fest Oct 12 in downtown Los Angeles library. And you best believe I'll be brining ALL my Josephine Angelini books for her to sign and plenty of money to buy all the books I can! Oh, and I'll make sure to arrive early for pics! Lesson learned.

Nancy Holder signed my copy of Wicked: Resurrection!

This Dark Endeavor and Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes

author image


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