Monday, September 23, 2013

Tackle Your TBR Read-a-thon Wrap-Up / Final Update

The wonderful read a thon has come to a close. It's been a crazy awesome two weeks. I'm so glad Tressa pushed me to participate because it got me back to reading more than blogging. I read 16 books (more than I have ever read in a 2 week period). >.< Thanks for all you who cheered me on! I've started so e great series (A Beautiful dark, Obsidian), continued others (Iron Queen & Iron Knight), and had a lot of fun in the process :O 

Update for Saturday:
Started The School for Good and Evil
Pages Read: 50
Books Finished: 0
Total Books Finished: 16

Titles of Finished Books: 
A Beautiful Dark, Moonflower, The Iron Knight, The Iron Queen, Pretty Dark Nothing, Glass Houses, My Little Pony: Mane Tales Vol. 1, The Silent Swan, Poison Princess, Soulless, Changeless, Blameless, Masquerade, Shattered Souls, Obsidian, King Hall 


- I'd like to just read as much as I can each day. I'm not going to set an actual amount. I'll try for close to double what I normally read. >> Completed
- By the end of the read a thon I'd like to have read 8-10 books. >> Completed (16 books)

- I plan to read 2 books for Blog Tours, 1 book from Netgalley >>Completed and 1 physical review book.>>Completed Then, I'll read 4+ fun books>>Completed I'd also like to include 1 ARC/finished book I've previously won in a giveaway. 
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  1. You did seriously awesome!!! How did you like the books you read?

    1. I loved them! <3 Favorites were Obsidian, Shattered Souls, A Beautiful dark, Silent Swan...ah loved them all! Was sad about finishing Iron Fey series tho.


  2. All of those are paper copies?? is Pretty Dark Nothing good? :)

    1. Pretty Dark Nothing was really good. Creepy and scary. Most are, except for King hall! Pretty Dark Nothing, and my Little pony those were all e-arcs.

  3. ERMAHGERD THE MLP BOOK! WHOOP! Congrats on reading so many books :D

  4. Wow Dee you read A LOT of books in just 2 weeks! I kept scrolling down through them going, when is it going to end?! Haha. It looks like there are some really good ones in your finished pile, too (at least judging by the covers).

  5. Great work, Dee! That's fantastic! You may have finished Iron Fey, but there's still Call of the Forgotten!

    Mary @ Mary Had a Little Book Blog

    1. Yup! I have Lost Prince on it's way from Barnes and Noble, :D

  6. It would seriously take me 2 months to read all of those! Great job!


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