Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dust off your Classics Reading Challenge: Update 3 The Secret Garden

This is my third update for the Dust off your Classics challenge. The last book I read was Jane Eyre. This challenge was created by myself and Trish @ Between the Lines. Andyou  can still join even if you only want to read one classic. I will be doing something fun at the end, like a giveaway. Modern classics are included too. :D

I just finished is The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I loved it as a child but hadn't read it for ten years. I was scared at first; what if it didn't live up to my expectations? Trish and I both read The Secret Garden-- so it was fun to discuss and cheer each other on. It successfully got me out of my classic reading slump! 

In many ways I was instantly transported to my childhood when I read this book.  I really felt for Mary...all alone in the world. The way she was raised molded her into a spoiled little brat who was very much unloved. It was so great seeing her react to her new surroundings and situation in life. She was invigorated by the moor and the constant natural beauty. She didnt have toys, so running wild outside was her daily activity; it made her stronger and she began to make friends and notice things around her! The little robin (so cute!) took her under his wing, as did the gardener. It wasn't long before Mary found herself actually liking people! Dickon was an animal charmer and him and Mary got along splendidly. 

When Mary discovers the Secret Garden; I could just picture exactly what it looked like. Reading it as an adult, I couldn't help but notice the metaphor the garden exhibited. As Mary is neglected, unloved, and forgotten the garden was too. The grayness of the garden with it's brown dead branches and the stark stone walls reminded me of Mary in the beginning of the book. As Mary began to experience kindness, friendship, and beauty; she blossomed just like the garden did. The garden not only saved Mary's life but Colins' as well. 

It was truly a charming story and one of my all time favorite books. I had no reason to be nervous reading it again after ten years-- it was just as good as it always was! 

Feel free to join in the linky to your classics review! We have no set number so even if your goal is 1 classic this year you can still join. :) 

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