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ARC Review: Just Like Fate by Cat Patrick & Suzanne Young

Just Like Fate by Cat Patrick
Source: ARC won in giveaway
My rating: 5 of 5 stars :star :star :star :star :star

Thank you to Simon Pulse for providing me a copy of this ARC.

I'm not usually one who likes contemporaries; but when I read the blurb (and saw the cover) I was properly intrigued. I haven't read too many of the (what I now know are called) "sliding-doors" books. After reading this book, I will be seeking them out.

We have Caroline who is faced with a choice; just one choice that can totally change her life and split them into two paths. One path is where she stays by her grandmothers side in the hospital. Down the other path she chooses to leave for a party after being by her family's side for days while her grandmother is ill.

Both choices left pros and cons. I found myself wishing she had stayed at first, but then wishing she had left so she could meet Chris. I adore Chris. He's one of my favorite literary boys I've read in awhile. He's unique; I mean he doesn't remind me of any other boys in any YA books-- which is beyond cool. And them together? Their banter had me laughing out loud numerous times. I could feel how good Chris is for her. Their relationship was real; to the point where since I finished reading this book, in other books I'm like, Nope! Their "love" is too fake! So kudos to this book for reminding me that teenage love can be written really well. which I already know but it's good to be reminded

So we also have the go  chapters which switch off with the Stay chapters. Yeah, its a little confusing at first but the bottom of the pages are marked. So, if Caroline stayed by her grandmother she would be with her forever-crush, Joel. Joel is a douchebag. Horrible. And it takes awhile, and quite a bit of damage for her to realize that. Also, there's her sister and mother. Caroline doesn't really get along with her sister, at all. It's like they don't understand each other and it only gets worse down that path. I don't want to ruin any of the story; so ill skip to the end.  What can I say? The ending was, in one word, perfect. Yes, perfect. 5 f*ckin stars. No joke. Let me try to explain..

See, I was a Philosphy minor in college. I basically spent 6 years of my life discussing, reading and debating the concept of "fate". Does fate exist? What are the implications? Oh golly, these unanswerable questions get my juices flowing. (Ew?) But seriously, I've given this a lot of thought. My most...pleasing answer is, yes; in some form fate does exist. We make our choices, good and bad, and we lead our lives based on our choices. But not entirely. There are some things that end up happening no matter what we choose. It may take us longer to get there (ahem, Caroline); but we get there.
This is exactly the lesson this book gives, in the end. I think more than the excellent writing, deep characters, and funny dialogue; that is why I gave Just Like Fate 5 stars.

What are you waiting for? Go get this book! 

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