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ARC Review: The Caged Graves by Dianne K. Salerni

The Caged Graves by Dianne Salerni

Source: ARC
Publisher: Clarion Books
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The Caged Graves is a YA historical fiction novel placed in 1867 Catawissa, Pennslyvania. Verity Boone is moving back to the place of her birth; to reunite with her father and meet her fiancè Nate. But Catawissa is a lot different from Worcester, Massachusetts where Verity was raised by her aunt after her mother died when she was young.

Verity soon discovers a small town full of secrets and a most disturbing truth; her mother is buried in a caged grave. no one will tell Verity why her mother was born in a caged grave, but Verity is determined to find out. With many suspicious townspeople, and jealous girls who think Nate shouldn't be marrying her, Verity has her share of enemies.

I breezed through the story. It was easy to read, fun, engaging, and kept me guessing until the very end! The one complaint I have is that at times. With all the different names of townspeople and Poole's (past and present) I was terribly confused. I'd have to go back and try to remember who said-person was and if they were alive or not. Some times I couldn't find out so I just skipped over it but felt like I was missing huge part of the story. I feel like maybe a few of the minor characters could've been cut out or mentioned less during the coming together scenes.

I enjoyed Verity discovering her first true love. I found Nate sweet and charming, and Hadley was a cutie with a mischievous air to him. Although I wouldn't exactly say this was a love triangle. It was more of Verity not in love with anyone, just finding her way while two boys pined for her affections. I was really happy with the ending. I will be reading any other books by this author! I loved the prose and world-building. Historical fiction can be difficult for YA and it's such a pleasure to see it done right.

I recommend The Caged Graves for lovers of YA, historical fiction, and mystery. You'll enjoy this tale.

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Favorite Quotes:
Verity took a step backward. She knew the look of a young man planning to steal a kiss. She'd been ducking ornery lips since she was fifteen years old. She'd even been caught a few times, and that hadn't been too terrible-- rather like cupcakes: sweet and finished quickly. But now she was spoken for, and she absolutely could not indulge in cupcake kisses with Hadley Jones."

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