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Unearthly Read-a-Long: Disucssion Post 2

This is a discussion post for the Unearthly Read a long hosted by Laura @ Music + Books. I'm having trouble with my font size, so I apologize if it's too big or too small. Currently trying to mend it. 

So I just finished reading chapters 5-9; and I just want to say, WOW. So much information! The plot really gets going in these chapters. 

First, Angela is part angel too? I like that they're best fiends but I'm curious a little because of her "dark wing" ancestry. Clara's mom is definitely trying to protect her from super scary stuff. I mean, Clara even admitted that she wishes she didn't know there was an angel war and that's why she didn't tell her protect him. So why is she such a bitch to her mom when she did the exact same thing to her brother! Ugh. Frustrating. Lol. 

Also, I'm curious now about Tucker. Clara obviously is crushing on him without even admitting it to herself. And, I'm not too fond of Christian. I mean, he's nice and all but his personality isn't that awesome. He seems to only talk to Clara when no one else is around. Hopefully we'll get more information and communication between them. 

I'm really enjoying this book more and more as it progresses. It's getting juicy. ^_^ 

Favorite Quotes

“Or you could get rid of him altogether. Throw him in the Tower of London. Have him drawn and quartered. Maybe the rack. Or a red-hot enema,” says Mr. Erikson, laughing. You have to admire a teacher who’d suggest death via red-hot enema.” 

Excerpt From: Hand, Cynthia. “Unearthly.” ePub Bud (, 2011-11-06. iBooks.
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