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Unearthly Read-a-long: Discussion Day 3 & 4, Team Challenge

So I couldn't post yesterday but I have read days 3 AND 4 already (and maybe more...because it was impossible to stop with all the action going on! :$ ) Luckily I highlighted my quotes and made notes so I wouldn't be as confused. I'm just anxious for the final discussion post so we can discuss the entire book!

Warning: will contain spoilers for Unearthly 

Thoughts: Day 3 AND 4

A lot happens in these chapters. Clara goes with her mom, Angela, AND Wendy to shop for prom dresses (even though she doesn't want to go to Prom because no one asked her). Tucker did ask her for a dance though. Angela finally meets Clara's mom and promises not to ask angel questions; but of course she immediately does and her mom actually answers more than Clara expected her to! Clara found a gorgeous gown that everyone insisted she buy.

However, while Clara and Angela were shopping; Clara noticed a creepy guy following and staring and Angela and her. When Clara looked at him she felt an overwhelming sadness she could barely handle. She was weeping and weak and it really affected her. Her mom finally admitted there are black wing angel-bloods and they are not good.

Clara asks Christian to the prom and they go although it's not everything she thought it would be. They don't really "click" you know? I mean she really is into him but it seems he is in love with Kay (although I don't really understand why because Kay is a spoiled brat, doesn't say much for Christian's personality if he likes those girls!) She has a vision while slow dancing that is so clear and she kind of freaks out. Then Tucker and Kay win Prom King and Queen and seems like they're making up because Kay is crying. Christian then says he needs to take Kay home but that leaves Clara alone to wait for him to come back and pick her up? Luckily Clara just finished dancing with Tucker and Tucker was man enough to pick up the slack and give Clara a ride home! 1 point: Tucker 0 points: Christian. lol.

The Prom incident kind of wakes Clara up to how little Christian is invested in her. She begins to think of Christian as "just business" (finally, imo). She also starts to see that Tucker is really nice she was maybe just misjudging him all along? 

Favorite Quotes: 

“Still, I decide I need to take the whole purpose thing more seriously. No more playing at being a normal girl. I’m not. I’m an angel-blood. I have a job to do. I need to quit whining, quit stalling, quit questioning everything. I need to do it.”

“I won’t be that girl who lets the guy treat her like crap and still fawns all over him. I went to prom with Christian Prescott. It wasn’t supposed to be magical, I tell myself. It wasn’t supposed to be romantic. It’s my job, pretty much. But it wasn’t supposed to end with me being dumped out of Tucker’s truck at the end of the night.”

Excerpt From: Hand, Cynthia. “Unearthly.” ePub Bud (, 2011-11-06. iBooks. 
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TUCKER (in my head)

Team Challenge:

I'm  TEAM TUCKER all the way!! :tup He's sweet, funny, nice, and I think Clara (and myself) misjudged him in the beginning. :L Clara was kind of a bitch to him when he was just ruffling her feathers. Sometimes two people who are really similar just don't get along right off the bat because of whatever reason. It's happened to me lots of times! I love how Tucker is a tan & always smiling/laidback type o' guy. Really good for Clara. It's not that I don't like Christian--I just don't see him doing much for Clara. This might change, but until it does I don't think looks alone can make up for someone just not really being cool/ and he doesn't seem to vibe much or understand Clara. *shrug*

Dream Cast Challenge: 

Clara (before she dyed her hair red)
Tell me Clara doesn't look like part angel? ;)
Clara's Mom
A younger Kiera Knightley as Angela
Victoria Justice as Wendy
What do you think of my casting? Picture The model for Tucker with dorty blonde hair under that hood and voilĂ ! lol. I looked back and there was like NO description for Wendy and not much for Angela either. they both have dark hair and Wendy has glasses, so i just went with what they look like in my head. this was super fun! ^_^
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