Saturday, June 01, 2013

Armchair BEA Genre Post- Children's Lit {YA}

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I love Children's Literature SO much. Words can't describe the solace that middle-grade and YA books give me. So I guess I won't try too hard? What are the reasons I love it so much? I am not exactly sure. I always have. I remember even in high school reading middle-grade books and getting weird looks from my peers. I didn't care. I half expected I'd grow out of it, but never did. I'm so glad I never did! I love how YA has grown so much, too. It's gotten the attention it deserves and I love the new talent that's out there. Here are some of my favorites I've read (mostly this year, some I just had to include). 

Percy Jackson & the Olympians Series

Sally Lockhart Series

The Lunar Chronicles 
Gravity Series by Abigail Boyd
[ I'm almost done with this one-- 
It's really good I highly recommend! ]

What are your thoughts on Children's Literature? Link up your posts below! ^_^ 

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  1. I love children's lit and like you I never moved away from it. In fact, I work as a teacher librarian at an elementary school so I am immersed in children's lit. I will have to find that Gravity series. I had not heard of it before. Have a great week of reading!


    1. Oh, that's awesome! I'd love that job! :D yeah it's a good series, indie.

  2. I have found myself reading tons of middle grade fantasy the past few years, and enjoying a lot of it very much. I can't of course read it with the same unbridled pleasure I did when I was nine or so, but there are lots of books that hold up well even for a grown-up!

    1. Indeed they do! I love middle-grade Fantasy! Wait, I said that already :P

  3. I love how accepted YA has become in recent years. I loved it even before it had a name! Anytime I need cheering up I have a shelf of MG and YA books that I turn to, they just make me feel happy inside.


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