Monday, April 22, 2013

#WWRead-a-thon Wrap up!

Well, last night I wrote an entire post about the weekend read a thon, and my progress. This morning. I check and it looks like blogger ate it! I'd be more pissed, if I wasn't so exhausted. Once again I am reminded that I should write my post in Word first, then transfer it over. :( *sigh*

So I'll make this really short. The weekend was a successful one in terms of reading & the read a thon. I finished two books, MLP: Friendship is Magic graphic novel (see my review below), and Draon's Oath: A House of Night Novella (review will post tomorrow).
I made considerable progress on Fargoer, which has been the thorn in my side for the past month. It's almost completed. I also got to really sit down with The Woman in White, the classic I'm reading for the Dust off your Classics challenge. I decided, since I hadn't made much progress anyway-- to re-read it and I'm glad I did. It is a 700 page book. Yeah, I didn't realize this when I ordered it on Amazon and now I feel compelled to read it, since I bought such a lovely copy. It did make me LOL :D a few times though, within the first 6 that's promising! Either way, I'll do my post sometime in May for the challenge. (Whether I finish or not).

I can't wait to start a new book for review soon, and a new book for "fun" too. I'm really tempted to read the sequel to Daughter of Exile, which I've gushed about a lot. I think perhaps ill start it now so the previous story is fresh in my mind. ;)

How was everyone's weekend? Comment below, I'd love to talk to you guys.

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  1. Nice progress on The Woman in White, I'll be back nagging you for your May update if I don't see one! :D LOL :D 700 freaking pages though! That's a serious time commitment.

    1. Good! I'm counting on you to! Did u ever get my email?

  2. Hi, Dee! I love the cover for Dragon's Oath. Can't wait to see your review on it. :)

    WHEW, 700 PAGES. Good luck!

  3. Always nice to have a weekend where you get to read a lot and get a chance to catch up to the books that you have laying around.
    Although my weekend was really busy with school work, I still managed to FINALLY finish A Great and Terrible Beauty, as I mentioned in my post. I am not quite sure if I will manage to read the remaining books from my April TBR that I have yet to finish, since I am really busy with school. But I am glad that I managed to finish that one, because it has been like a black book cloud hanging over my head, waiting to be finished, haha.

    1. Lol! :O just like fargoer was for me! So glad I finished it! Now.,,to review. I a, still mastering the art of reviewing for books that don't jive with you... Lol.

  4. It sounds like you had a great weekend of reading. Sorry to hear that your post got eaten- I hate when that happens. Hope you are able to finish Fargoer soon. :)

  5. 700 pages? You're not undertaking the shortest book then XD Blogger ate your post? It does that? Cruel, cruel blogger.
    Enjoy reading more this week after that reading-crazy weekend! Also Dee (as you entered the giveaway but didn't win) here's Sky Song free on Amazon:


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