Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dragon's Oath, A House of Night Novella (mini-review)

Dragon's Oath
by P.C. Cast

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
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This was a really good novella. All the things I love about HON were included in here. Excellent storytelling, mythos, lore, and writing. It was refreshing to get away from Zoey Redbird and co., and to see a different time period. I liked that it was a novella, just enough of a story to renew my interest in this series.

I'll definitely be reading the next novella-- Lenobia's Vow and Hunted, the next book of the series I need to read.

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Are you into novellas? What are your favorite novellas/short stories? I think I want to start reading more...they're perfect for RATs.. ^_^

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  1. I'm enjoying novellas that tie in with series as they hook you back in. They usually give a different perspective too which can be interesting. HON,I read maybe 4 or 5 of the series but then got bored of it and haven't ever gone back to it. Really enjoyed the first few though.

    1. I know, I really enjoyed this though. I'm going to read the next novella asap!

  2. I love this series and the novellas I think are an adding YAY factor to them. I don't find many novella's that interest me but I do like short story collections, mainly only for one author, so I wish they did novella's more often.

  3. I am not the biggest fan of novellas. I have a highly addictive personality, so when I love something I always want more of it. Novellas are simply just too short for me. It is for this same reason that I am much more of a TV show kinda person than a movie person. Whenever I love something I want as much of it as possible - I am greedy like that, haha ;)


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