Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Back from Europe! Diamond’s Summer Wraps up (SADLY)

So this post is pretty much the wrap of my literary and television discoveries (and failures) this summer...it feels a little incomplete perhaps, since there is no mention of Bosnia or anything.

Should I do a post about my time in Bosnia? 

I feel like I should...but I also feel like ya'll may be sick of Bosnia and my posts all over social media... hmm...let me know in the comments below! I would totally do some pictures and a recap if you guys wanted. I'm so sad to be back... lol. :c  I loved it there. 

I got to see so many countries.... and I really like that part of Europe. The people are so nice and I find it honest. Not to mention the food is excellent... *sigh* 

The only thing that is cheering me up right now is that I am going on my last year of graduate school and THEN I will be free to pursue a career in whatever country I desire! And in the meantime, this year I can and will do some more traveling. Now that I know how to travel cheaply and safely...*I feel safer traveling alone now* I mean, whats to stop me now xP 

Books read this summer… 

Hands down my favorite book this summer *one of the favs all year* 
It kept me laughing out loud, and I was so interested in the topic too. Ansari is so funny though...if you like him even just in Parks and Recreation, you are a fan. Also, the topic was so relevant to me. Yes, I am the tinder generation...an active participant. And as a single lady I admit I ate this shit up! So fascinating to me how, from a sociological perspective, dating has changed with the technology and how we look for our soulmates in a different way which marks this greater shift in our culture to marry later and later... plus that fear of divorce. 
Wow, I think I just wrote a mini review on this! haha..

Do you sense a theme here? Yes, this summer my heart was healing from a breakup....and these books were just the trick. Rational thinking always helps me heal after the incredulity that a breakup always inspires. 

And this was just bliss. So cute. OMG. >.<
For some reason I was never in the mood for Magnus Chase :( I didn't read more than 1 page the entire summer... but I'm not giving up on this series!! I do miss Percy Jackson tho :c
also didn't finish lumberjanes and never started the graphic novel, Giant Days... not yet anyway.

TV Shows 

I *discovered* this summer 

Thanks to Netflix in Bosnia (US Netflix doesn’t have Rick and Morty O_o 

 Definitely, Rick and Morty is a show people have begged me to see. They all say, you’d love it! Somehow though, I never got around to watching it until I looked at my drastically different Netflix screen in Bosnia this summer.
Now,  Ididn’t spend a lot of time in my apartment, (i mean, adventure called!) the city of Sarajevo was much more alluring than Netflix (and yes, even books! eek!) But don’t worry, I brought books with me anyway…and got some reading it haha :P

Back in US and I'm already hooked on the Netflix original series: Marco Polo, btw. Which, although I didn't discover while abroad it is still technically summer sooo gotta throw it in there :O

 Currently Reading 
Pretty Good..not sure if I can finish it though. I am remembering a lot of the problems I had with the first book that I had forgotten. Thanks to the repost of the review last week I had an "aha" moment with that. Lol, but thats okay. Not all books can be finished. 

So cute so far. That's all I can say :rainbow

(some) Recently Acquired Review Books


Thank you Delacorte Press* and Random House for thinking of me and sending these for review consideration (The Secret Horses of Briar Hill and If the Magic Fits).

The Secret Horses of Briar Hill --> I can't wait to read Megan Shepherd's foray into middle grade! You know, the fabulous author of The Madman's Daughter trilogy I love? :L

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