Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy Persian New Year, Nowruz!

Happy New Year, everyone! Persian New Year, known as Nowruz to Persians is the time we celebrate our New Year. ^_^ 
It's also the first day of Spring, so hey!  :party

Watercolor of some items traditional to Norooz via **

I actually found a really good article for Non-Persians about Nowruz if you're interested check it out via +Vox.  :rainbow

Tabriz (the traditional table set up found inside the home)
*image via FarsiNet*
What can you do to celebrate Norooz? Spend the day with fmaily and loved ones, and participate in the renewal you see all around you in nature! Take a stroll outside, pick some wildflowers, buy a new outfit and wear it (it's good luck!) and give a younger relative a crip new billfold (yeah, known as "aid" it's the favorite part of the new year for many of us!) ;) 

Mainly it's a time to have fun, eat fish, be with family, and get excited about SPRING! After all, Spring is the perfect time to renew your spirit and health :O 

If you are more interested, there's another great article via +NPR you should definitely check out! :P

Saaleh Noh Mubarak!!! 

**Happy New Year***

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