Sunday, November 01, 2015

Post-Halloween Depression

Halloween is officially over. The ironic part is that I'm actually writing this post on Halloween so Happy Halloween (not really). We're all sad when Halloween ends because then that means it's no longer considered normal to go from door to door asking for candy. It just seems weird and totally awkward when the person you're asking doesn't have any candy. Oh don't you get sad! But never fear. Just because the Halloween trick-or-treating has died down, doesn't mean we can't still be reading scary stories right? For all you post-Halloween depressionists, I've got a few picks for you! 

1. The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey

We're probably all familiar with Rick Yancey's The Fifth Wave series since it's being turned into a movie and it was a really hyped up book the year it came out. But for those who haven't read it (including me because I'm still currently powering through it), this apocalyptic thriller will give you the pee-in-your-pants scare of Halloween and the candy because, c'mon, this romance is as sweet as candy baby *winks* Also, who doesn't like reading about aliens taking over. Maybe when that happens, they'll make Halloween happen everyday! 

2. Any Historical Fiction-based book

The thing about Historical Fiction is that it can sate that hunger for candy at 12:00 a.m. or even make you so immersed in a story that you'd rather stay inside on Halloween reading. Some are so addicting and then others are just plain boring and make you fall asleep! It's the right one you've got to choose! 

4. Watch some Netflix...

By no means am I endorsing "Netflix and Chill", even though people in my school were dressing in Netflix t-shirts and holding a bag of ice!! But like if you're that sappy about no more Halloween, then watch a scary movie or watch The Night Before Christmas (heard it's amazing and everyone loves it). Netflix is the medicine for everything in the world! USE IT WISELY AND TO YOUR OWN DIGRESSION. 

5. Eat like a MANIAC

Go to your favorite restaurant and ask for their special (because those have always got to be good, right?). And most importantly eat all the candy that you got from trick-or-treating. If you didn't go, then go to the nearest supermarket and get some candy. Everyone knows they'll always sell candy whether or not it's Halloween. 

6. Write some stories about your Halloween

Writing seems to always allow me to preserve my memories. Why not turn your Halloween into the most epic story ever!! Who knows it might even get published *wink, wink*

That's all the tips I genuinely use to cope with post-Halloween Depression. Have you got any bright ideas? Be sure to comment down below and tell me! 

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