Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Reading Day Before Thanksgiving

Happy day before Thanksgiving everyone! I won't be posting on Thanksgiving day so here is my separate post of gratitude for the day of giving thanks. I'm thankful to all of you (and I know Diamond is too) for reading and commenting. We appreciate the effort that you put into reading what we write and bring to the table (haha you get my thanksgiving references?). It's honestly been an honor blogging on this site with D and we've had like a ton of fun. I'm also very grateful that she's so understanding because I've been missing a few of my deadlines and quotas (and she hasn't yelled at me yet xD). Thanks to this wonderful community! 

In terms of reading...

If you're reading something at the moment, try your best to finish it or possibly read as much as you can. On Thanksgiving day, you're not going to have any time to read because you'll be too busy with family and worrying about dinner preparations and meeting up with those weird cousins (that you don't like to say they're weird but you know it!). 

DO | If you're baking something or cooking the turkey (bless your soul, you've got guts!) then make sure to put whatever it is in the oven, set the time and then pick up your book and start reading. It's a great way for time to pass and also get a few pages in for any of your end of the year reading challenges you're trying to catch up on. 

Get some helping hands in the kitchen. If you have kids, bring them into the Thanksgiving tradition and make them stir the brownie mix or stuff the kitchen. It's a great way to get time off of your hands and spend some time with family. 

Read as much as you can before the big day because you won't be able to do any reading on that day or the day after (too busy recovering from the amount of food you ate the night before and the booze and liquor, and of course, the cleaning up!!) 

DON'T | I advise you not to start a new book on the day before because you probably won't be able to read for a while with all the happenings and the aftermath. But if you're feeling audacious, then go ahead! 

DO NOT (AND I MEAN DO NOT) bring a book to the Thanksgiving party/dinner/or whatever you want to call it. That's so rude and not a good way to show people your thankful for spending the night with them. Of course, we're having it in my house with my bookshelf so I can't help that but I won't be reading at the table. So I know this is going to be hard but put away the book! 

Don't put off cooking to make time to read. If you've having dinner with family and relatives and you're supposed to make something, it wouldn't be nice to show up to the party without it (would it?). So I advise the people cooking to read after all the work is done or during (like I stated before with the waiting time for the oven).

That's all I've got for today's post but if you've got any inspiring tips, I would love to hear them in the comments below. Who knows, maybe I'll even use some on the big day!

Have a wonderful day of family, love, and food! 

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