Wednesday, September 09, 2015


I've seen a lot of Would You Rather? tags around the blogosphere but this is the EXTREME BOOK EDITION. I've come to a conclusion that I really love when people ask me would you rather this, and would you rather that. It's only fair that I share these questions with the entire blogosphere in hope that you'll guys do it too. 

Would you rather: Break the spine of your book, or spill water on it?

Spill water on it. The worst case with water is the pages become a little soggy and disgusting afterwards but if you've broken the spine, it'll just look bad on your bookshelf and plus it looks deformed. If I could choose neither I would, but that's not how it works. 

You have to destroy your books. How will you choose to get rid of them? Would you rather: Burn them at a bonfire with your friends or take a boat and drop them in the middle of the ocean for the fish? 

Burn them, obviously. IF I CAN'T HAVE THEM, NO ONE CAN NOT EVEN THE FISHS. Plus when we burn the books in a bonfire, we'll be able to toast marshmallows and be warm by the fire. 

Would you rather read books for the rest of your life and nothing else or never read another book again but you're free to try everything in the world?

As much as I love to read and would continue to read, I'm that daring and adventurous person that likes to travel and skydive so it wouldn't make sense for me to stop doing everything else I love to do and to read every single day and every single second of my life. It's a shame I would have to give up books but this is the EXTREME edition and this is the way things have got to be. 

Would you rather never shop at bookstores ever again or never shop for books online ever again? 

I would go with the latter. There's something about shopping at bookstores that gives me this feeling of elation and I'm able to carry all my worries away when I'm surfing the shelves of a bookstore and reading the blurbs, picking the ones I'm going to take home. I can handle no more online book shipping because shipping prices make me nervous. 

What other extreme 'Would You Rather' statements can you think of?  

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