Sunday, September 20, 2015

I Need Your Help With Something!

For my Newspaper Journalism class in school, I've been approved in writing an article for the school's newspaper, which I'm very excited about! This is going to be my first article in the newspaper and I'm so happy I got approved. My draft is due soon so what better way to write and culminate some ideas than to ask my nearest and dearest friends for advice on the topic. 

Will you help me?

My Topic: How schools have made us (not me) hate reading. Schools are constantly assigning boring books to read as school assignments. These books aren't YA fiction or anything students actually want to read these days. Are schools ready for a change in curriculum? What books do students want to read?

Before the article gets published, of course, it has to go to the school board to read and see if it's appropriate. This is a huge challenge for me because I know what my rights are, freedom and expression and all, but I know there is also a line I can't cross with this article. There are some statements I have to consider before writing. 

I was originally inspired to write this article for the paper because you guys know about my immense love for reading. Like it's not new news and it's the reason for why I blog and post videos on Youtube. I LOVE TO READ! During the school semesters, my school assigns books for us to read that are more or less considered classics and are not appealing to me. They are cryptic and just boring to a majority of the students. A lot of YA literature recently has "dumbed" it down, and by that I mean there aren't any prominent morals, neither is the story so cryptic. I don't agree with this at all and don't understand what's the difference between analyzing The Hunger Games and a classic post-apocalyptic story like, The Road, which I really didn't find interesting. Students would be so much more interested in reading if we could only be more encouraged by the schools and what they make us read. If the stories we are forced to read in class don't interest them, what makes you think it'll make them pick up a book outside of school?

The real question is: Why do schools make us read boring books?

I've been having such a hard time with this article mainly because it's a ranting opportunity for me. To scream at my school for being so inconsiderate and the school board for thinking only classic and old literature is good for school analyzing. I don't know how to control myself when I begin to write this post. It's mostly the school's fault that 90% of my peers absolutely hate books! So.... what do I do??



  1. I wouldn't say schools make students hate reading, but they certainly aren't encouraging kids to develop any sort of love for reading either. I'll just list off some things that came to my mind in no particular order.

    1. My husband didn't like to read until we got married and I introduced him to books. Books that he actually liked. Surprisingly, once he developed a love for reading, he actually went and read quite a few classics. I know he's read more than me. So perhaps all people need are books that will draw them in to push them in the direction of liking to read books.

    2. How many kids really understand the language used in classics anyway? Sure, they're speaking English, but the way how they are written they might as well be in Latin. Come on now, Romeo Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Kids cannot relate to that. Okay, so that example is a bit extreme but Paradise Lost anyone?

    3. Why make them read it in high school when they will most likely have to read it again in college? Suffering through it once was enough but having to read it again and analyze every single word too is overkill.

    4. There is a reason why even classic movies are remade, and people still go and watch them. That's because the new generation can relate better to the newer version. Why? Because they "look" like them.

    5. I understand asking a school to stop teaching classics is too much. So a compromise maybe? Have at least half of the required readings be a book like Hunger Games, something children will be more interested in. Or if the school is well funded, maybe they can offer one class that teaches literature of HOT reads. By hot, I mean what ever is popular. I know the high school I went to offered other courses besides just English. We had Mass Media, Poetry, Early American Writers. I would have loved it if we had one like what I suggested.

    1. You are like a saint. GOD YOU ARE SO FULL OF WISDOM! I think you just solved all my problems. I like the points that you made up there. There are definitely some people that prefer classics over any other genre of books but it just isn't in the mindset of a hormonal teenager lmfao! I love what you said about classic movies being remade into a modern version. The books that we read in school were written way back when and it's hard to relate to those kinds of characters. I'm definitely asking my school for a compromise or at least mentioning in my newspaper article that thisis the kind of thing we need. Thank you so much for reading and helping. Your words are extremely amazing!!!

  2. Don't give up on this topic! I think it's a good one. Not sure who picks the assigned reading for schools but I agree a bunch of the books are dull or depressing, or both. Once one of my kids asked me why they were always assigned books where someone dies (usually a parent or family member - why?) There are plenty of books out there that are well-written and engaging and would get kids more excited about reading. The books they assign are the equivalent of brussels sprouts (which I love, but are for pretty hard-core veggie lovers) and they really do put some kids off reading.


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