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7 Films That Never Age

There are some shows that, as many times as you watch them, never seem to get old or bore you. These are the films that are passed down from year to year and either cherished with family or it's a tradition that you and your friends made up. I'm sure there are a handful of you that could agree with the choices I've chosen but for those of you that can't, what are your choices? I'd love to know!

1. Mean Girls
Even my freshman year teacher showed us this movie at the end of the year! Mean Girls is a cliche story about a girl that years to fit in and doesn't realize that she's being totally horrible to people until she's bagged down by her friends and her 'crush' or considered boyfriend. It's a great film for teenage girls but also for teenage boys because it displays just how hard a girl's life is. No matter how many times I watch this, this film never gets old. There is always something I find when I watch it again that I didn't know before. I also get to make fun of their clothes because no one dresses like that today. 

2. Legally Blonde
I was the one who always laughed at Elle when she did something stupid or wore pink in the sea of grey suits. Legally Blonde is a great film about self-discovery and people underestimating you. Reese Witherspoon is also an amazing actor which makes the film all the more enjoyable. As many times as I watch this, I am never bored with it and usually don't remember what happens. 

3. High School Musical
Who didn't grow up with this? I love how these shows are showing how old we're getting. I pity all the kids today that didn't grow up with this in their lives, just kidding, just kidding. This show was a game changer for me and although it wasn't a good representation of what high school is- I wish high school was about singing and talent competitions- it was a great foundation for the terms of jealousy and following passion. We would always remember Zac Efron as Troy and Vanessa Hudgens as Gabriella. This film can never get old in the eyes of the kids who've watched it so many years ago. 

4. Camp Rock
Was it just me or did anyone else feel like Camp Rock was a copycat of High School Musical? The only difference was they were at camp. Camp Rock is still one of my favorites though because I love Demi Lovato and the Jonas brothers at that time. Hey, of course I was naive and didn't know any better! Camp Rock is a musical film that's mostly about a talent competition in camp and the male singer of this awesome band trying to find this girl with the voice that he heard one day. 

5. Hairspray
I had to mention this one! Hairspray is a great musical film set back in the 1960's of Baltimore, Maryland and a girl dreaming of being on a singing TV show while the word deals with racial segregation and in some not nice ways. Along with being a great musical film, it has so much potential to be something that teachers kids about racial segregation and how everything wasn't sunshine and rainbows a long time ago. Now some problems in the world might include global warming or Donald Trump as president (hehe just kidding, oh my I'm getting laughs from this) but a few years back, it was segregation and poverty. 

6. Bridesmaids
I'm introducing a film that probably not all of you have seen, but if you've watched it, you know that the comedy and humor of this film never gets old. There are always new jokes to laugh at. It's like Bridesmaids gone wrong! Kristen Wiig is an amazing actor haha, and she's so funnaayyyy. 

7. King Kong 
I'm talking about the 2005 version with Jack Black, not the version made in the 1900's or something like that. This film is more like a prehistoric science fiction one about a filmmaker that hears about this mysterious island and convinces his crew to go with him. Yes, this film has a giant gorilla but it's not as stupid as it sounds. In the eyes of some, this film is even seen as a classic and probably some of their favorite shows. 

Those are all my favorite films that never get old. What are yours? 

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  1. Oh My, High School Musical and Camp Rock were my LIFE! Gah, how I remember those days. Troy Bolton = the hottest boy that ever exited and the Camp Rock soundtrack was the only music I listened to for like six months. Gosh, I miss those movies... I need to rewatch them. :)

    1. Shh I still have the final song This Is Me on my iPod HAHAHAH! i should't feel ashamed since my soul is like 7 years old! Ahh yes Troy Bolton. But he's so big now and he's like in older shows that are, wow, not meant for my age!

  2. Mean Girls is a legend.

    High School Musical is my childhood and every time I watch it I just get so super nostalgic. The lyrics will forever be memorised and I will forever aspire to be Gabriella. :')

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