Sunday, April 19, 2015

#YALLWEST Recap Post + Giveaway (US)

YALLWest is a Book Festival in Santa Monica that is the western version of YALLFEST which occurs every year. 

I'm so happy to have attended this year—and want to share my experience with you! It was very hot and SO busy, which did play a factor into how long I stayed, unfortunately. After some trouble with the credit card machine I finally got my t-shirt and then proceeded to buy books (Prodigy (they were out of legend and Insurgent). By the time I finished I cashed in my food ticket for a hot dog :) and went to the line for the "Tea Note with Marie Lu & Veronica Roth." Even though I had tickets it was still a very long wait and long line. I had to sit all the way in the balcony, which made it difficult to take good pictures. Maybe it doesn't show but I could hear perfectly well and I also could see them well too, although they weren't super close up. So I was happy with the experience because 
I did so much and saw so much, and although I was disappointed in a few things I have the details for you guys — as promised — with a giveaway on top!

Here are pictures from the event. I must apologize for the lack of closeness to the authors. You wouldn't believe how long the line was for ticket holders just to wait to get in! So I got stuck on the balcony. Which was fine, but not so good for picture taking. I ended up having to get up and walk closer to the stage, but it still didn't get me the type of pictures I wanted. 
I'm including a summary of what they talked about that I wrote down too, as well as some videos. 

Melissa de la Cruz introducing the TeaNote! 
The Stage is Set..

Veronica Roth (Left) and Marie Lu sitting in their chairs. This was the view I had, sorry about it being so far away!

I had to squint to see them...

Me moving closer on the balcony level while they share an  In-n-out burger


What I walked away with—not bad, eh? Wish I could have gotten my books signed though..
the swag that I'll include in the giveaway will be some random stuff from here! 



RED QUEEN Poster SIGNED by Victoria Aveyard + Swag 
US only
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Did you attend the event? Who did you see? What do you think of Book Festivals?


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  1. I want to be in Santa Monica handing out with bloggers and YA authors *cries* :f
    But seriously, glad you had such a great time!!
    Jen at YA Romantics

  2. Looks like you had some good fun! Happy for you, Dee :)

  3. Whoa! Sounds like you had an AWESOME time <3 I haven't been to any book fests and while it sounds like fun, it also sounds terrifying for the personality type I am. Like a lot of people, if I'm in a group, I might as well be the queen but when I'm alone, I'm that weird one. And none of my friends like to read, so I would have to meet up with a blogger.

    Marie Lu and Veronica Roth should totally collab, it would be the coolest thing!

  4. Sounds like you had so much fun, Diamond! Though, hot weather would kill me (as it does, living in australia and all). I seriously wish we had something like this here haha!


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